Vintage Galvano Bronze-clad Elephant Bookends, Possibly P. Mori & Sons, Ca. 1900

Vintage Galvano Bronze-clad Elephant Bookends, Possibly P. Mori & Sons, Ca. 1900

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Vintage Galvano Bronze-clad Elephant Bookends, Possibly P. Mori & Sons, Ca. 1900:

Vintage Galvano Bronze-Clad Elephant Bookends, Possibly P. Mori & Sons, Ca. 1900


Welcome to this listing. We are extremely pleased to offer these wonderful galvano bronze-clad elephant bookends, possibly manufactured by P. Mori & Sons. Neither of the bookends is marked but we have found an identical set marked P. Mori & Sons. Our research indicates: “In the late 1880s, P. Mori and Sons created the first commercially produced art metal industry in the United States in New York City. They were the first American company to develop and use a new process of electroplating called electroforming as a large scale commercial venture. They used the term “Galvano Bronze” to describe their new process, and registered it as the trade name of the company. By the 1890s, a NYC competitor, The National Metalizing Company began using the electroforming process under the registered trade name “Armor Bronze.” Shortly after the turn of the century, the Mori family sold the company to its employees, who renamed it “Pompein Bronze Co.”

These bookends are 5 ¾” tall and 3 ½” deep. The bases are approximately 5 5/8” x 4 1/8”. They each have the tell-tale identifier of old original bronze-clad bookends—the indentation or depression on the underside where the hanging wire was cut off. Electroformed castings were actually products of a plating process. The metal is applied to a plaster casting by electrolysis, instead of being poured into a mold in a molten state. The end result is the appearance of a metal casting.

These bookends are in exceptional condition. Both are undamaged and without oxidation or rust. Neither has a felt bottom and there is no evidence that they ever had felt bottoms. The plating on the foot ring only of one elephant appears to have not adhered securely during manufacture. It seems loose, but is not broken. We don’t consider this to be damage.

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