Vintage German Style Spun Cotton Running Bunny Rabbit Ornament With Carrot For Sale

~Arbutus Hunter Original, 2014~Greetings!

I create my ornaments and figures with inspiration from very charmingantiques and strive to give them the same high quality and attention to detail. They will blend perfectly with your antique and Primitive collectibles and decor.

Special Details:

  • Each is made individually and by hand.

  • These are Solid Cotton Ornaments. My ornaments are made by tightly winding layer upon layer of beautiful fluffy cotton batting or roving around a handmade wire armature, gradually building them into firm, solid finished figures.

  • Many of the supplies I use are vintage or antique such as pre-1930 cotton and vintage fabrics, crepe paper, rhinestones, tinsel, ribbons and other assorted trims.

  • The paint I use is non-toxic

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