Vintage Industrial Folding Table Stand Base Salvage Machine Age Coffee Metal Leg

Vintage Industrial Folding Table Stand Base Salvage Machine Age Coffee Metal Leg

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Vintage Industrial Folding Table Stand Base Salvage Machine Age Coffee Metal Leg:

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This as a very unique pair of industrial folding stands. They are made of steel and the light color you see isn't paint, it's cement, just a thin layer. They apparently were used as some type base or stand in cement work.
The tops aren't perfectly level, one side is a little taller than the other, and one table is a little taller than the other but you can compensate for that pretty easily.
Standing as in the 1st picture they measure between 15 1/2" to 16" tall, 19 to 19 1/2" wide, by 18" side to side. Folded up as pictured in the 4th picture they measure about 24" tall.
They have all kinds of wear and personality, surface rust, spatters of cement of course, but they are good and solid. They do have a couple of small rust holes that you can see in the last 2 pictures where water most likely got trapped inside, these spots are facing down out of view when standing and do not compromise their structure, and they could be cosmetically patched with plaster and sand to match the cement look.
I've seen a lot of interesting industrial pieces but I've never seen a pair like this. They could be used as separate small tables, or each end of a long table, or come up with your own useful decor approach.
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Vintage Industrial Folding Table Stand Base Salvage Machine Age Coffee Metal Leg:

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