Vintage Mcm 1960's Italian Designer Modular Molded Orange Plastic Wine Holder

Vintage Mcm 1960's Italian Designer Modular Molded Orange Plastic Wine Holder

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Vintage Mcm 1960's Italian Designer Modular Molded Orange Plastic Wine Holder :

I am excited and delightedtoprovide the marketplace with what, in my estimation, is one of thoseclassicopportunities that epitomize why those of us that do all love so much: aonce-in-a-blue-moon chance to offer onsomethingeye-popping and exceptionally rare,thekind of phenomenal findthat calls to mind the feeling and the reason whyIgothooked on in the first place, many, many moons aside,theparticular out-of-this-worldrelic that I present today for your considerationis a modular orange molded plastic wine holder that emerges fromthe realm ofMid-Century Modernism. And masterpiecereallypacks apunch!For my part, I was blown away when I dug it out of a box thathadspent years inattic storage. Thepalpable, iconic Pop-Art provenance of the piece combines withits fully functional, and over-the-top, funky form to offeran enviable elevation in anyinterior design schemerootedin Modernist as well as Post-Modernist sensibilities. If your homehappen to be on trend with a spiffy, authentic or retrospectively Mid-Century minimalist decor, then take a look around to determine whetherthe surroundings seems to lackthat one, stunning point of inspirational focusthat magically tiesall theloose ends together;and if, indeed, this isthe case, thenthere's no question in my mind that you will find thisfire-cracker is worth its weight in design gold!

Functionally, it's alife-saver, with maximum capacityfor 21 bottles of wine (it accommodatesboth the standard 750 ML and1.5 L sizes),champagne, or liquor.In its regular configuration (as pictured acrossthe gallery),it features threeinter-locking levels of flat bottle storage (in keeping with the centuries-old recommendation forall cork-sealedbottles,in order to keep the cork moist and prevent evaporation ordestructivefermentation). The wine rack as depicted measures16.5inches tall by26 incheswide by 8.25 inches deep.However, since it is technically modular in design, alternate configurations are possible; for example, all threeindividual layerscanbe situated side by side, creating in essenceonecontinuous row of wine bottle storage;this configuration might providea handy and delightfulelement that is both decorative and functional along a shelf installed across the width of one wall within a mid-century modernist period-accentuatedkitchen or dining for condition, there isasmall onecorner edge(asshown in the final pic) thatin the spirit of complete and accurate disclosure is mention-worthy; however, said blemish isquantifiably minor, to the extent thatit is notvisiblefrom the front or"display-side"at all, and moreover,it bearsno threat of interference whatsoever inthe function,the structural integrity, nor the never-endinglifespan potential of the plastic piece.Other than that,the unitisin excellent vintage condition overall, withno othercracks, no fading,no chips, no repairs,and no defects,only minimalsigns of use commensurate with age.

My parents are the original owners, and according to my mother,they acquiredthe wine rackinthe mid to late 1960's. Shebelievesit to be ofItalian origin; however, I amunable to locate or detect alabel of identification nor a stamp with amanufacturer's insignia anywhere on the pieceto either confirm or disprove her assertion. Inour conscientious attempt to determine the time-frame when this far-out findwas brand new, based on the remainingcontents of the box in which we found it that came from out of our attic, she and Iare convinced the entire box had to bepacked and placed into storage sometime before 1972 (the year she and my father moved out of a smaller and into a larger house in Rhode Island); before that, Momestimates the piecehad beenon display and in usefor at least two tothree years.

The wine rackis currently located safely insideour home in Florida, and in general, itis relativelysimple to assemble and disassemble; that being said, my inclination is to package it for shipping in assembled form. The truth is, the more the delicate unit istaken apart and put back together translates into more and more stress on the vintage andnon-indestructible plastic. The good news for all prospective buyers is that regardless of however I ultimately determine to bethe most secure means of shipping, I will provide at my own expense copious packaging material. Furthermore, I offera 24 hour/ next business day turn-around time, and in addition to that, non-expedited shipping within the Continental United States, including insurance and delivery confirmation, will also be at my expense, or in other words: FAST &FREEof charge for the winning buyer.And, for even added peace of mind, I stand behind every tem I put up for sale on with a 30 day Full Money Back return policy (per standard practice, buyer pays the return shipping charge).

Due tothe inherent fragility of vintage molded plastic pieces,there isnointernational shippingavailable for this lovely Mid-Century Modernwine display caddy. Otherwise, please contact mevia e-mail if you wish to arrangements, such asyou have waited until the last minute to place your offer and now require expedited shipping to ensure this unique and fabulous presentation itemarrives in time to accommodate all the bottles of wine each of your guests will be bringing to yourholiday party. (What a groovy idea, I know, but bear in mind that the sooner you place your offer, the more likely you can avoid such last minute crisis!) And meanwhile, just for everybody's information, in an effort to reach out to the victims of Hurricane Maria, I am offeringfrom now until the end of this yearfree shipping to residents of Puerto Ricofor this item.

Experience has taught me that open communication is the key to mutual satisfaction throughout the course and at the end of all e-commerce transactions. Therefore, please feel free to contact me anytime at your convenience via e-mail with any questions, suggestions,insights, or concernsyou might have as apotential buyer.You may seek the confidence you require toofferwith me frommy posted history of glowing response. In closing, I welcome the opportunity to earn additional five-starapproval in this, my latest honorable quest to secure for thistruly special, hippy-dippy wine racka lovingnew home.

My overall aim is to provide unique vintage utilitarian and novelty items of the highest quality along with fair pricing and excellent service.Please takea moment toobserve the scrolling gallerytosee my other items, and check back from time to time, as I will be listing manymore lovely items in the coming days and weeks ahead.

My thanks to all prospective buyers for your interest. Happy
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Vintage Mcm 1960's Italian Designer Modular Molded Orange Plastic Wine Holder :

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