Vintage Made In France Violin Bow, Marked " Mell...., Paris, Silver Mounted

Vintage Made In France Violin Bow, Marked

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Vintage Made In France Violin Bow, Marked " Mell...., Paris, Silver Mounted:

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We will be listing numerous items from Estates that are all in used "AS IS" condition. We are not experts and get all of our items from Estates with no warranties or guarantees and sell all of our items in "AS IS" Used condition. Please view ALL pictures and ask ALL questions Prior to offerding to avoid any confusion.The Pictures are the best decription of the items. Items sold "AS IS" means they may need service, adjusting or repairs. Your offer agrees to these terms. This is the understanding and clarification of this listing. Please know your item before offerding to avoid any confusion. Here is a vintage fullsize Violin bow stamped" made in France" on one side and on the other I cannot quite make it all out but it appears to read " Mell... Paris" I just cannot quite make out for sure the rest of the first word, it looks like it could be "Mellina" but cannot say for sure. 2 of the 3 metal parts on the bow are silver. The end adjuster screw is nickel I think. Looks like it is a nice vintage bow that will need some rehairing or servicing, not sure I am not a plaer but again appears to be a decent bow. I am not an expert on these and would prefer if you are interested that if you need more detail to please request an inhand description and we would be happy to go over every square inch. There is nothing to hide here whatsoever so the invitation is here for you to request more detail before your offer this way there are no surprises or regrets. Please ask more questions on detail if anything may be left out before you offer.


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Vintage Made In France Violin Bow, Marked " Mell...., Paris, Silver Mounted:

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