Vintage Relpo Ceramic Pitcher And Matching Plate - Multicolor Daisies

Vintage Relpo Ceramic Pitcher And Matching Plate - Multicolor Daisies

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Vintage Relpo Ceramic Pitcher And Matching Plate - Multicolor Daisies:

Welcome to Our sale, and Thanks for Looking!

This sale is for a Vintage set of Relpo Ceramic pieces--A Pitcher and Matching Plate in a Multicolor Daisies design.

Before we get into the details, we want you to be aware of the Condition Description listed above...

these pieces have a lot of age to them, so naturally, they do have signs of "wear and tear."

Some of the issues, however, are "normal" for kiln-fired ceramics, whether from 50 years ago or 5 minutes ago.

The photos may not clearly show all of the "condition issues" we've listed, so if you have questions,

or want to see additional views/photos, PLEASE do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

We are NOT ceramic experts, but we have seen enough pieces (from raw greenware through final firing and beyond)

that we feel we have adequate knowledgeon which to base our determinations.

As they say, opinions vary, but we do our very best to be honest in all of our dealings. Thanx for your understanding.

Now then...our research has shown that Relpo made a LOT of ceramics, from the 1940s to more recent times, both here in the USA and in Japan.

They seem to be best known for "head vases" (actual flower vases that resemble the head of a person or animal), along with other styles of vases and planters.

These particular pieces, the Pitcher and Matching Plate, appear to have been made in several color combinations,

throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. Our pieces are NOT dated (most Relpo is not),

but based on the design elements and the colors,we believe these pieces are from the 1960s.

The Pitcher stands 6" tall at its highest point, is approximately 4.25" wide at its widest point,

has an opening that is approximately 2.75" long by 2.5" wide, and the base measures approximately 2.5" wide.

The Plate is approximately 6.75" wide; its base measures approximately 3.75" wide.

The colors on both pieces are pretty close to those in the photos:

turquoise, white, yellow, both a dark and pale sage green, several shades of blue, perhaps even a bit of purple.

The design on both is overlapping daisies and leaves, in extremely RAISED relief;

even the inside of the pitcher shows the indentations from the flowers and leaves on the outside.

The Pitcher has an almost-solid-color turquoise on its handle (there's a bit of darker blue from halfway down to where the handle joins the base);

the inside is a solid color turquoise, as is the reverse side of the Plate and the "indentation" where the Pitcher sits on the front of the plate.

The Pitcher has a maker's mark embossed on the bottom: it reads "Relpo" (in script lettering, surrounded by a wavy parallelogram), and the number "6266."

The Plate has NO maker's mark anywhere on it.

The number 6266 may have something to do with the production of this particular design (model#, year made, etc.),

but so far, we have been unable to locate any additional info in that regard.

Now, as for the "wear and tear" our research on this particular design, we immediately noticed that other Relpo pieces with the "daisy" pattern

had suffered chips and "flea bites," too, especially on the edges of the flower petals (this makes sense, in light of the raised design).

The Pitcher seems to have the least amount of "wear and tear": we noticed a total of FIVE (5) "flea bites"--

four (4) on the edges of flower petals, and one (1) on the underside of the base. The largest of these is approximately 1/8".

There are also several locations where the glaze appears to have been missed, and several "popped bubbles" and other kiln firing issues.

The inside of the vase appears to be in good shape; however, there is what appears to be a dried "water ring" just around the indentation

where the base is joined onto the body of the pitcher--we opted to leave it "as is," for the Buyer to "clean or not clean."

The Plate, unfortunately, has more issues than the Pitcher:

There are three (3) places on the back of the Plate that are marks from where the kiln support stands were placed while the piece was being fired.

This is a normal tendency; however, one (1) of the marks is raised, and another of them look like a "divot" (all are less than 1/4").

There is what appears to be a "water damage ring" on the back of the Plate, that encircles the "foot" (base rim).

Again, as mentioned above, this mark appears to be UNDERNEATH the clear glaze, so it may be a manufacturing defect of some kind--

there's really no way to know for sure. It does NOT show through to the front of the Plate.

Upon careful examination, we located 18 "flea bites" on the front of the Plate (all less than 1/16"), most of them on the edges of the flower petals.

Again, this is to be expected--a raised design that gets hit every time the Pitcher is placed on top of the Plate is going to get dinged.

Having said all of this, we still feel that this is a GREAT set of Relpo ceramics, in pretty good shape based on its approximate age and "wear and tear,"

and would make a nice addition to any Relpo collection.


And now, here's the "Fine Print":

1.) We are NOT expert photographers, but we do our verybest to portray the items we sell as accurately as possible.

Any visible flaws/damage will be described in the listing, and will be photographed whenever possible.

If you would like to seea close-up photo, or some other view that we have not shown, please Email us and we'll do our best to providethe view(s) you wish to see.

2.) We are also NOT experts on every item that we sell, but we do our best to describe each item as accurately as possible.

Occasionally our descriptions may include research/information that has been "borrowed" (with permission) from outside sources.

Please, if you have a question aboutan item that we have not addressed, Email us! We'll be more than happy toprovide answers whenever we can.

3.) We accept PAYPAL ONLY for sale payment; payment is expected within three (3) days of the end of the sale.

4.) At this time, weoffer shipping ONLY to the United States,Canada, and Mexico.

5.) We use the United States Postal Service for the majority of our shipping. On sales where a "flat-rate" shipping fee is listed,WE determine the shipping method.

The Shipping and Handling Fees on ALL itemsincludes Delivery Confirmation and Postal Insurance.

If a buyer wishes to change the Shipping Method, (s)he should Email us prior to offerdingto obtaina shipping rate quote.

We are happy to combine Shipping and Handling Fees on sales which end within three (3) days of each other.

6.) Returns are accepted ONLY for damaged/broken items. Contact us within TEN (10) days of receiving the item, and we will make arrangements for a refund to be issued upon receipt of the item.

Return postage to be paid by the Buyer.


6.) We have a 100% Positive responseRating on , and we're proud of it! If you have any questions or issues, at any point during/after the sale,

we ask that you PLEASE contact us and give us the opportunity tomake things right!

WeALWAYS leave Positive response for cooperative buyers, and we hope that you will do the same for us.

Thanks again forlooking, and Happy align="center">

Vintage Relpo Ceramic Pitcher And Matching Plate - Multicolor Daisies:

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