Vintage Sterling Silver & Enamel - Rv Camper Trailer Home Charm - Unused For Sale

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Vintage Sterling Silver & Enamel - RV Camper Trailer Home Charm - UNUSED

This sale is for a niceVINTAGESTERLING SILVER & ENAMEL RV CAMPER OR TRAILER. I'm not sure ofit's age but it is probably fromthe late 1960's orearly 1970's era. Although this charm is unmarked, it was made byGriffith. It has nice detail that you don't see in charms today and I think it has a rhodium finish. The charm opens to reveal the inside of the camper and has black movable wheels. We see the inside which consists of the bedroom, bathroom and living room. The bedroom is blue enamel, the bathroom is red & white enamel and the living room is black, blue & red. The charm snaps shut and stays closed. It is UNUSED and in EXCELLENT CONDITION.

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