Vintage Linen Feed Flour-sack Fabric Upholstery Purple

Vintage Linen Feed Flour-sack Fabric Upholstery Purple

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Vintage Linen Feed Flour-sack Fabric Upholstery Purple :

~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~

~*~Thisbuy it nowis for thisamazingly beautiful hand woven Vintage European hemp linen roll~

I am selling this Stunning roll by the yard, so each purchase is for a length measuring 1 yard long by20 inches wide~ ( should you require further lengths, simply change the quantity button eg: should you require 5 yards, simply change the quantity button to 5. You will receive one long length measuring 5 yards long~ if you purchase multiple lenghts, please request an invoice so that I can combine shipping charges as will overcharge for shipping ( I would always refund!)

~Please see my store page “ About Hand-woven, Homespun Yardage” for more information on these wonderful textiles ~

Beautiful, very rare striped roll indeed! This roll has a beautiful, quite saturated true purple , triple stripe. The ground is a grey/stone color, very beautiful together. The weave is a slubby and nubby weave, and is a nice dense weave also~ this is a really lovely and rare roll, perfect for so many uses! ~*~ !~One side of this roll is darker than the other. The dark sidehas somenatural linen striations, that might not be right for some people, however the paler of the two stone sides would be perfect for any use!! ~ LOVELY LOVELY roll~*~ I have attached some photographs of some of my textiles being used by my customers and designers! ~*~ ~*~ ( furniture not included in this buy it now) Perfect for upholstery, headboards, chairs sofas, curtains, pillows, you name it.~*~*

This roll is in wonderful, unused condition. Light storage dirt that will wash, so easy to machine wash~ ( please see below) ~ ! ~*~

For large projects like the sofa, plain linen can be used on the sides and backs!! I can usually match most rolls~ please email should you wish to discuss~*~

~*~You will never have to pay any Customs or Duty charges on my textiles posted to an address within the United States, as I have already imported all of my European textiles and have paid any fees for you~*~ My shipping is always fast, so you can expect your purchase to arrive between 1-3 days after payment within the USA~*~

~*~These textiles are, by nature, Eco-friendly! The average age of these textiles is 100 years and they were grown before the use of pesticides ~*~* they were naturally home grown, home retted ( in local lakes and ponds) and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations! Yet another feature that makes these textiles extremely eco-friendly is their durability. These textiles were designed to endure generations of constant use~ and will have an extremely long life. The timeless beauty of this linen and their extraordinary quality make these textiles the perfect choice for any home~ and an Environmentally friendly choice~*~

~*~This wonderful fabric hasso many uses:~*~Upholstery, headboards, bedding, cushions, curtains,clothing, Roman Blinds, bags, ~ so many wonderful sewing projects~*~

~*~The woman weavers of yesterday would spend their evenings weaving these amazing rolls of linen. It took the average woman 1 night to weave 60 centimeters ( 24 inches) of linen

~*~These rollsare 100% machine washable, on warm..if there is visible dirt, just add a bit of Oxywash! I like to add Snuggle or similar fabric softener to the final rinse, for added They are so easy to wash on normal wash cycle, simplyspin dry then remove when wet. Roll the linen tightly and let sit overnight. In the morning unroll and allow to dry naturally~this presses the linen and there is usually no need to iron (unless you prefer it perfect). They can be either air dried or dried in the tumble dryer for a softer touch~ Pure linen or hemp rolls tend to have no shrinkage, the rolls with cotton tend to have some shrinkage. These rolls are tough and sturdy, built to last.....and last and last!!~*~ Hemp is built to last for many manygenerations making it a lovely textile for creating family heirlooms~*~

All of my linen rolls are produced using natural fibers. Natural fibers have the irregularities and subtleties that are inherent ...adding to their rustic charm~*~

These rolls are increasingly difficult to find as they have been used so extensively over the past20 years. Thisis a wonderful opportunity to own your own piece of textile history~*~

  • ~*~Please see myother itemsfor more textile treasures~*~

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  • ~~*~Important information~*~ 100% Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me! If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact me immediately~*~ I would always endeavor to solve any problems together with my customer. I am a very friendly er and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world! I strive for both a 100% positive rating and 5 STAR services ratings so please contact me immediately if you feel I did not meet your expectations in any way. I take a great deal of care and pride in describing each textile very accurately. I also use many photographs to show the textiles also as I feel it is very important to see the exact condition, colors, texture, size etc of each textile. If ever you feel that I have missed anything, please contact me immediately as it would have been an oversight, never an intentional omission!~*~ I always post quickly; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I always combine shipping charges to save my customers money on postage. You will always get the most economical postage rates from Loodylady~*~ this is important to me! If there is a discrepancy of more than $1.00 between what you paid and the actual postage charge, please email as it would have only been a mistake on my part and you will be refunded immediately. ~*~ All of my textiles are wrapped in acid free tissue and sent in water tight wrapping, at no extra charge to my customers. I politely request that all items be paid for within 7 days. The individual condition will be described to the best of my ability however, often flaws are inherent in vintage and antique textiles. Please email me if condition is vital to your purchase and we can discuss condition in detail. ~*~When describing my textiles, I use my best judgment and professional knowledge at estimating a date for the textiles that I sell. I have had many years of research, and many years of hands on experience with these wonderful textiles. I describe my textiles as Antique, if I estimate the age to be 100 years of age or greater. define an antique as a textile dating 1930 or prior. I describe my textiles as Vintage if I feel the textiles has age, or is outdated or old-fashioned, dating from the past. If I use both Antique/Vintage when describing a textile, it is because I feel the textile is most likely 100 years of age or greater, but may fall just short of that date. I often work in collaboration with other colleagues and textile specialists to ascertain the approximate age of my textiles, however it is my professional assessment only~*~I also use my best professional assessment to ascertain the fiber content of my textiles, using sight and feel and when possible historical information that helps me to identify plant use in a particular era. However, because my textiles are old, the fiber content is always only my best professional assessment. ~*~ I feel privileged and honored to bring these textiles to you, I sincerely thank you for your interest ~*~

Vintage Linen Feed Flour-sack Fabric Upholstery Purple :

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