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World Hepatitis Day

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World Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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'Bennington Battle Day' observed

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Statehood Day in Hawaii

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Bennington Battle Day

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World Humanitarian Day

August 19th, 2014
National Aviation Day

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World Day for Slave Trade Abolition

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Lyndon Baines Johnson Day

August 29th, 2014
International Day against Nuclear Tests



Vinyl Letters, Lettering For Shops,cars Pre-spaced For Sale

Vinyl Letters, Lettering For Shops,cars   Pre-spaced

Vinyl LetteringVinyl Lettering will stick to any non-porous surface - Suitable for internal and external use
Perfect for
Shop signs -Boats - Vans - Cars - Shop Windows - Doors - Gloss Painted Timber - Plastic etc
Vinyl Lettering is the letter only and so the background colour is determined by the surface colour you apply it to.
The lettering comes with a low tack transparent sheet over the letters to hold everything in place.

PRICES: 2.75£ buys you this amount of letters/numbers


!!!!!!Punctuation Marks Are Free!!!!!

24 at 12.5mm high or

42 at 15mm or

40 at 25mm or

30 at 35mm or

20 at 50mm or

16 at 60mm or

12 at 75mm or

6 at 100mm or

4 at 125mm or

1 at 150mm or

Ordering is very simple

Click BuyNow

Send paymentand let me know:

YOUR WORDING - Including capital and lower case letters

SIZE - The height of the letters/numbers - or the size of the space you have to fit them in.

COLOUR-Choose from the list below

FONT STYLE-Choose from the list below or send me your own

STANDARD CUT or REVERSE CUT- For the inside of windows you nead reverse so they are sticky on the front and not the back When clicking PAY NOW, the next screen will have a Message to Seller box on left of page. This is where you can leave your instructions.
If you miss this, dont worry you can just send us a message through to select your colour

Choice of Colours

Choice of Fonts

These fitting instructions for vinyl decals and stickers are for quidance purpose only

this is one of many methods of vinyl decal installation we feel is safest way to apply without any professional experience.

Your Product

There are 3 layers to your STICKER ( decal ) :

1. The top layer is your application film , this is a low tack adhesive that is stuck well to the front of your vinyl and is the last layer that is removed upon application.

2. The middle layer is your actual vinyl prespaced letters/Designs/Graphic , this layer has a strong adhesive backing that will stick to your surface.

3. The bottom layer is the backing paper of the vinyl and is the first layer that you will remove upon application.


  • Squeege of flexible plastic scraper
  • Scissors or scalpel blades
  • Masking tape
  • Lint free cloth
  • Cleaning sollution
The surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any wax, dust or other contaminants.
Do not use white spirit

Lay decal face up on a flat surface and firmly squeegee over the entire decal to ensure that the application paper is adhered to the graphics correcty.


Put a piece of masking tape on each end of your decal as shown and use a tape measure to position the graphic.
Anchor each end to the application surface with the masking tape.


Carefully peel the application mask back to lift the decal away from the release liner.
Sometimes the letters ( graphic) does not want to lift away from the liner, and remains stuck to it.
Watch carefully for this! If you see it happening, you must stop , back up, and press the application paper against the stubborn letters (graphic ) piece with your finger.


Stop peeling the decal short of the hinge, and cut away the exposed half of the release liner with scissors or scalpel.
Do not tear it, as you want as clear a cut as possible. Discard the removed liner.


Begin to squeegee the decal onto the application site, starting in the centre, working toward the free edge.
Use short strokes, and keep anought tension on the mask to hold the rest of the decal away from the surface, and prevent air from being trapped beneath the decal.
W ork all the way to the free edge of the mask.


Remove the vertical centre hinge masking paper and repeat STEP 3 , 4 , 5 on the other half of the decal.


Firmly squeegee the entire decal. Use overlapping strokes, vertically, horizontally and diagonally to thoroughly burnish the graphic into the application surface.


Careffully peel the application mask at a sharp angle as shown.Watch for letters (graphic ) pieces that have not adhered to the application surface, and are lifting with the mask.
If this happens, you must back up and re-squeegee that area, or firmly press the graphic onto the application surface through the mask. Remove the entire mask.


Inspect the dacal for edges that are not fully adhered and press them into place with your finger.
Bubbles may be removed by piercing them with a fine needle and pressing out the air with your finger. Do not squeegee after removing tha mask or scratching will result.

Vinyl Letters, Lettering For Shops,cars   Pre-spaced

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Vinyl Letters, Lettering For Shops,cars Pre-spaced:

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