Violin Vintage Style Certified H. Philip Hp5 Plus Antique Fiddle Bow Case 90 Day

Violin Vintage Style Certified H. Philip Hp5 Plus Antique Fiddle Bow Case 90 Day

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Violin Vintage Style Certified H. Philip Hp5 Plus Antique Fiddle Bow Case 90 Day:

90 Day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime craftsmanship warrantee! That is unheard of in the violin business. If you do have an accident & damage the violin, all repairs will be preformed for 1/3 the normal price, or the instrument will be replaced at dealer cost. These are the standards of my business. You will not find this anywhere but here.

Up for sale is a violin made by H. Philip, model number HP-5 Plus. The HP-5 is a standard Philip model, but the HP-5P is very different and offers a bit better performance. Out of every 500 violins, two to three are hand selected by the maker and given the "plus" label. This means that they stood out from the batch, and offered slight better performance and quality. Not quite to the HP-6 or 7 standards, but they offer a higher level instrument at a more affordable price point. Violin includes full certificate of authenticity, and is heat branded on heal to validate authenticity. This is one of the first new models to be sold in the USA. As a standing dealer for over a decade, I get to hand select each instrument, and pair it with an outstanding bow!

H. Phillip violins have been played and pursued for over a century by professional players all over the world, and for good reason. They will adapt to the playing style of any musician, ranging all skill levels. The quality and craftsmanship is unquestionable, and will be proven through sound quality and reliability for decades to come.

This violin is made of seasoned European "Tone-woods" consisting of spruce and maple which have been aged at least 75 years before crafting. All fittings are rosewood, and of the highest quality. The high quality French bridge is cut perfectly, and room has been left for lowering the action a bit if desired. The pegs are so smooth that it is easily tuned without fine tuners, but they will be included if requested. You will also receive a very nice rectangular case, which is very heavy duty and plush. I am also placing an impressive master crafted bow with this instrument. The bow is octagonal in shape and is made from fine aged pernambuco. It is full lined, has a bone tip, and consists of only the finest Siberian horse hair.

The sound character of the instrument stands out and is noticeable in a room full of musicians. It is crystal clear, but has a very solid and seducing rhythm. It has a flawless transition from sharp piercing attacks, to quite chorus solos. The mixture of volume and tone is spot on and balanced. This violin as with all Philip instruments, is much easier for the musician to control than 98% of the instruments on the market. Overall the sound is crystal clear while still being soft.

There are many differences in a "Good" quality instrument and a "Master" quality instrument.
A "Good" instrument has sound strengths which allow it to sound very good most of the time, but also has sound weaknesses that greatly limit the player.
A Professional Level "Master" quality instrument sounds amazing played in ANY STYLE OF MUSIC, and requires less effort by the musician. This will allow the musician to play a great deal longer without fatigue. A "Master" instrument is easily manipulated by a certified luthier, to accommodate (& improve) anyone’s needs and playing style.

H. Philip violins are built by a true master craftsmen, and the difference is obvious immediately. The craftsmen put countless “extra” steps into their building processes, which puts their instruments in a category all their own. I am not claiming that this violin sounds like a $15k instrument. BUT in its price range, nothing can compare to its superior construction, and sophisticated sound characteristics. New or vintage.... it doesn’t matter. You simply can’t get a better instrument without spending at least three times the money. I buy hundreds of violins per year, from all over the world, and I wouldn’t be selling H. Philip instruments if I didn’t truly believe in their quality, and the families dedication to craftsmanship.

Thank you for your interest, and please ask any and all questions before offerding. I will answer any concerns with the best of my knowledge. I will do everything in my ability to provide you with every piece of information you need to make an informed purchase.

Thank you for your interest and


Violin Vintage Style Certified H. Philip Hp5 Plus Antique Fiddle Bow Case 90 Day:

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