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Vollmer & Nilsson Cross Grain Twisted Horn Pipe * New * Coopersark No Reserve For Sale

Vollmer & Nilsson Cross Grain Twisted Horn Pipe * New * Coopersark No Reserve

THIS IS A (10)TEN-DAY(10), NO RESERVE, AND INTERNATIONAL COLLECTABLE BRIAR PIPE sale.PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF THE OTHER BEAUTIFUL, NEW, OR FULLY RESTORED AND RECONDITIONED HIGH GRADE COLLECTABLE PIPES THAT I HAVE LISTED FOR sale THIS WEEK ON ! Here is what Jan Anderson has to say about Vollmer and Nilsson:"If you, as a schoolboy, buy a pipe – it has to be a quality pipe, so it must be stamped �real briar� – it may lead to that you become a pipe maker. And if you have a five year younger brother, who with admiration is watching all his big brother is doing, then you and your brother may become a pipe maker team.

Well, it was not exactly like that when Vollmer & Nilsson started making pipes, but it is true that big brother Anders bought a “real briar� as a schoolboy, and certainly Martin, his younger brother, was watching everything he was doing. But at that time, the two brothers had no plans to make their own pipes. Having finished his studies Anders started to work in a laboratory, and Martin went to the university to study theology.

The Pipemaker’s Handbook The interest to make pipes was awaken for the two brothers Anders Nilsson and Martin Vollmer at a visit to Copenhagen. There they found a book, (The Pipemaker’s Handbook), written by the Danish pipe maker Bjørn Thurmann. This book tells how to make a pipe from a pre-drilled block, and Anders and Martin immediately started at the kitchen table at home. In that way they learned the basics. But they soon realized that to make real good pipes, they had to make them right from the beginning - drill the blocks themselves and make the stems from a rod of ebonite. So they had to find out how to do this, and as both Anders and Martin likes to experiment and to find functional methods to solve all types of problems, there was a lot of experimentation. But, the kitchen table is a good place for many things, but it can not house too many lathes and other big machines.

About three years ago, Anders and Martin were offered suitable premises for a workshop, and that offer came at a very convenient time for both brothers. Martin thought he had been studying theology long enough (he had since long abandoned any plans to become a clergyman), and due to rationalizing and changes in the organization at Anders' work, he too felt ready trying something else. Could it be possible to make a living making pipes? Or is it a too funny way? Well, it may be worth a try.

Good examples Anders and Martin were aware of, that the pipes had to be technically perfect if they should have a chance to succeed. And they had to find good material (above all briar) and a style of their own, a style they really liked themselves - hopefully other pipe smokers would like it as well.

Martin had for many years been collecting pipes, and in his collection were three pipes made by the very best pipemakers: Sixten Ivarsson, Bo Nordh and Björn Bengtsson. The pipes were carefully examined and the destination was set – all details should be as perfect as on those three pipes. The two brothers started to build a workshop, and the speed in the process was set by the economy. They did not want to take any loans; it was better waiting until they had got the money. It may sometimes feel frustrating not being able to buy equipment as fast as you want – you are of course anxious to start making pipes - but there may also be some advantages. In that way you get time to test every single machine thoroughly, and you can make the changes you think necessary. And if you are trying to keep the costs down, you have to be creative and find less expensive solutions. Anders and Martin have proven a great ability there.

Three years of learning

It was a great surprise to me when I got a mail, in which Anders Nilsson and Martin Vollmer invited me to visit their new workshop for pipes. A new pipemaker in our country is extremely unusual, so to say that I was surprised may be an understatement. And the mail told me that they had been making pipes for three years! Maybe I had taken it for a joke, if they had not sent some pictures of their pipes. I was indeed impressed by the pipes in those pictures.

Making pipes for three years and not tell anyone about it; that tells us about the extremely high demands Anders and Martin put on themselves. They wanted to be perfectly satisfied with the pipes they made, before anyone was allowed to see them.

Sandblasting and silver work

Of course I immediately accepted the invitation, and together with the pipe maker Bengt Carlson I visited the two brothers in Malmö in September 2004. When Anders and Martin showed us into their workshop, it was easy to see how proud they were of it. And they had reasons to be proud. The workshop is well-organized and comfortable, and the machinery tells a lot about their ingenuity. Making pipes is something they really like; you can not be mistaken there.

They have a sandblasting machine in the workshop, which is quite unusual among pipe makers. It makes a lot of noise, Martin (who makes most of the sandblasting) tells us, and it is slow; it takes about an hour to blast a pipe. “And I have to stop every five minutes to clean the filter�, Martin tells us. But that is not entirely wrong either; then you can examine the pipe and see, where you have to take some more and where you have to be extra careful. And if you have fun, it does not matter if it takes some time.

During the three years of learning they have also learned how to work in silver. Anders is doing most of that, and they have registered a hallmark of their own. Besides silver, they like to use other types of wood for decoration; they also use horn and a type of half synthetic material that looks like a precious stone. Bamboo has not yet been used, because they had not found any of a sufficient quality – a problem they share with many other pipe makers. Bamboo is indeed in very short supply to-day. Most stems are made from ebonite, but also Cumberland is sometimes used.


The pipes are stamped Vollmer & Nilsson and a little explanation about the names, may be in its place. The reason that Anders and Martin have different surnames is, that they are half brothers. Anders has his name from their mutual father, while Martin carries his mother’s name. But now back to the pipes:

Vollmer & Nilsson is a long name, and long names are hard to stamp with a traditional stamp. When I saw how sharp and clear the stamps were, I thought they had special equipment for that. But it is not so, they use an ordinary, conventional stamp, but - as with so much else - they have found some tricks to help them to a good result. I can not tell exactly how they do it, but on some forms of the shank they use the stationary drilling machine, on other forms the lathe to get enough pressure. Anyway, the result is excellent but they admit that it is a nervous task to stamp a pipe.

Two pipe makers working together like this is unusual, very unusual. There is only one example I am aware of, and that is the Bang workshop. If you buy a Bang pipe you do not know who made it, Per Hansen or Ulf Noltensmeier, and it is exactly the same with a pipe stamped Vollmer & Nilsson. In some cases it may even be both of them.

Classical shapes As you can see from the pictures, both Anders and Martin are very fond of the classical shapes, and some of their pipes are directly classical, others some variations on that theme. They like to be inspired by pictures showing old pipes, preferably pipes made in the beginning of the last century. Most of the “ebauchons� are bought from Tom Eltang, but as he at the moment has difficulties to find enough briar to sell to other pipe makers, they at our visit had some briar on its way from Italy.

The pipes Anders and Martin make may be smooth, sandblasted or rusticated. Most pipes are left natural in the tobacco hole – something that I personally prefer, even if I know it is a controversial subject. The handiwork is excellent and they estimate that it takes about two days to make a pipe.�

About this beautiful brand new pipe by Vollmer & Nilsson: You are offerding on a NEW & UNSMOKED hand made smooth, high contrast stained, cross grain, “Twisted Horn� shaped pipe, that was carved by this talented team of brothers from Malmö, Sweden. The shaping of the bowl is very beautiful and fully exploits the beautifully grained block of briar that was used to create this gorgeous pipe.

I enjoy a great relationship with Anders and Martin. When I met them at the Chicago pipe show this year and they showed me their latest creations, this pipe simply "spoke" to me from their beautiful selection of pipes. I had told them that I must have this pipe! After we had reached an agreement on several pipes, they had told me that I could pick this pipe up from them at the end of the show. When I did so, they had told me that more collectors had looked at this pipe than any other on their table! I can certainly understand why. The combination of intense grain with mthe incredible asymmetric shape, combine to make this a world class unforgettable masterpiece! Please believe me when I tell you that the pictures posted below do not begin to do this pipe justice, as it looks even better "in person"! The winner of this sale is going to be delighted beyond belief with this gorgeous pipe!

The stem is cut from the finest rod stock German ebonite. The craftsmanship is truly first rate. These guys just keep getting better and better in both their designs and craftsmanship with the passing of time! This pipe is extremely well engineered. It possesses a perfect balance and a very comfortable hand feel The draft is nice and easy. A pipe cleaner will pass to the bottom of the bowl with ease. Here are the dimensions of this absolutely gorgeous pipe: The overall length is about 5.25�. The bowl height is about 2.05�. The tobacco chamber is about 0.80� in diameter and tapers down the bowl’s 1.675� inner depth. Tobacco capacity is about that of a Dunhill Group 5 size pipe. This pipe weighs 55 grams. The original black leather pipe bag that is pictured below is included.Once again, this is a (10)TEN-DAY(10) pipe sale. I do not believe in "Reserve" or "Buy it Now" prices. I want the lucky high buyer to own and enjoy smoking this pipe and not have him frustrate himself with offerding on a pipe that is not attainable on a price basis! Just be the high buyer at the close of this sale, and you will win what could again prove to be the best pipe in your collection!

Please read and review my ratings and comments. Check out the "ME" section after my name "coopersark". I think that you will find this information very informative and telling! Please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions that you may have about this pipe. I want you to offer with the highest of confidence!

The winning buyer will include an additional $15.00 for Priority Mail shipping, tracking, and insurance. (Foreign buyers will include an additional $50.00 for International Insured EXPRESS Mail shipping. Please note that this pipe will travel fully insured with it's full final sale value stated for customs, as per Pay Pal rules. NO EXCEPTIONS!) Thank you for your interest. Please do not forget to check out my other sales! Good Luck and Happy offerding!!!!

Vollmer & Nilsson Cross Grain Twisted Horn Pipe * New * Coopersark No Reserve

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Vollmer & Nilsson Cross Grain Twisted Horn Pipe * New * Coopersark No Reserve:

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