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Peace Officers Memorial Day

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May 17th, 2014
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May 18th, 2014
Lag B'Omer



Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 17 Comic Lot Dell 179-226 Carl Barks Art Vintage For Sale

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 17 Comic Lot Dell 179-226 Carl Barks Art Vintage

Walt Disney's = = COMICS & STORIES = = ---------------------------- DELL COMICS 1957 -59 all 10 cent vintage silver age comics

issue # 179 - 187 - 192 -199 - 203 - 205 - 206 - 207 - 209

# 210 - 211 - 215 - 216 - 217 - 219 - 226 and 228

Donald Duck and Huey Dewey & Louie and Mickey Mouse and More..!

Art by the Great CARL BARKS

Cool Schwinn Bike ads

: Dell Comics are good comics :

You get 17 comics - ALL for one Price..!


Comics are in very good condition. Glossy & clean. Reading wear is noticeable. Edge wear and corner wear. Mailing subscritpion crease on center of most books. Great to read , and a great fit in your comic collection. You get all 17 books that you see in the pictures, hopefully a picture can tell a thousand words more. Feel free to email if you have any questions, as I would be glad to provide any assistance. * I have a collection of great WALT DISNEY comics for sale this week. *

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  • .
    Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 17 Comic Lot Dell 179-226 Carl Barks Art Vintage

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    Walt Disney's Comics & Stories 17 Comic Lot Dell 179-226 Carl Barks Art Vintage:

    Mad Magazine #86 Fair  1964 Ec (first Fold-in) Unfolded Fold-in picture
    Mad Magazine #86 Fair 1964 Ec (first Fold-in) Unfolded Fold-in

    Lot Of 2 Vintage Archie's Joke Book #135 & #144 Laugh-in Laugh-out Comics 1969 picture
    Lot Of 2 Vintage Archie's Joke Book #135 & #144 Laugh-in Laugh-out Comics 1969

    Lot Of Looney Tunes Comics picture
    Lot Of Looney Tunes Comics

    Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #18 (may 1965, Harvey) Pgx 7.0 F/vf picture
    Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #18 (may 1965, Harvey) Pgx 7.0 F/vf

    Wendy Witch World #41, #11 And Wendy #90 picture
    Wendy Witch World #41, #11 And Wendy #90

    Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #10 (jan 1964, Harvey) Pgx 5.0 picture
    Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #10 (jan 1964, Harvey) Pgx 5.0

    Sugar And Spike #92(no Cut Out/colored) And Three Mouseketeers #22 Low Mid-grade picture
    Sugar And Spike #92(no Cut Out/colored) And Three Mouseketeers #22 Low Mid-grade

    Sad Sack And The Sarge #19 10 Cents Cover And Sad Sad Sack World #15 Giant Size picture
    Sad Sack And The Sarge #19 10 Cents Cover And Sad Sad Sack World #15 Giant Size

    Baby Huey, The Baby Giant #59 And #72 Mid-grade picture
    Baby Huey, The Baby Giant #59 And #72 Mid-grade

    Baby Huey And Papa #3 Pgx 5.5 picture
    Baby Huey And Papa #3 Pgx 5.5