Whitefriars 1972 Geoffrey Baxter 7 " Tangerine ' Aztec ' Textured Vase - Perfect

Whitefriars 1972 Geoffrey Baxter 7

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Whitefriars 1972 Geoffrey Baxter 7 " Tangerine ' Aztec ' Textured Vase - Perfect:

Absolutely stunning exquisite multi contoured textured Aztec vase from the world acclaimed Whitefriar’s factory of Wealdstone, North London, in colours of an exquisite almost bejeweled tangerine which slightly darkens to a tango orange in unnatural light. The sublime colour of the vase cannot be over stated or over emphasised whereby it's richly saturated colouration is uniform throughout. England’s oldest glass works began in 1720 whereby in 1980 it finally closed its doors. This was due to the simple fact that the land that it had owned for hundreds of years was actually worth more than the business. The factory started producing glass from the town of Whitefriars itself ( near Fleet Street, central London ) and moved to Wealdstone in 1923. In between years it was bought by James Powell in 1834. Notable design artists include Alfred Fisher ( 1967-68 ) William Wilson ( 1952-62 ) and of course Geoffrey Baxter ( 1954 to 61 ). The factory never signed its work apart from a brief period from 1969-70 whereby a studio line range was marked. Circular paper labels were followed by arched rectangular ones depicting a hooded friar. After the war years the world was somewhat depressed, whereby rationing still went on for many years. The fifties was a somewhat staid and subdued era especially in the world of design. There were, it must be said, notable exceptions however in the world of art glass. Notable glass masters such as Goran Warff, Vicke Lindstrand, Timo Sarpeneva and Tapio Wirkkala to name but a very few produced designs which have been revered for decades and will continue to command large prices. The sixties, however, brought a period of freedom of speech and no less a freedom of expression which has still to be matched. Cult and iconic faces and place include, Carnaby Street, Kensington's Biba, Mary Quant, Twiggy, Vidal Sassoon, Chelsea's The King's Road, David Hockney and of course The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The era was a riot of love, freedom and vivacity whereby wayout fashion and design was acclaimed and embraced, rather than shunned and ridiculed . Later in the early seventies - David Bowie and perhaps Alice Cooper were to command the attention of the younger generation &.... the derision of our parents. I am so pleased and proud to have witnessed this explosion of talent across the spheres of music, fashion and The Arts. Personal favourites were bands called Love & Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - which will probably go over most peoples heads ?. However there was always Deep Purple & Led Zeppelin - but thats another story ! Geoffrey Baxter's 100's of designs and especially textured designs at Whitefriars were part of this explosion in innovative new ideas and techniques. His contemporaries were Ronald Stennett-Willson at Wuidart & Wedgwood.... and Frank Thrower at Dartington. His much acclaimed Bark series, Drunken Bricklayer & numerous other named Textural vases are as popular today as when they were launched onto a very appreciative public. The piece starts with a twelve sided circular base which supports the magical decorative above. The vase ascends to form a cylindrical piece adorned with vertical stylised ' C's ' and inverted ' C's ' which are flanked by vertical rivers of red glass. The inverted aztec C's stand proud of a beautifully textured core whereby they face each other in vertical sets of two that resemble vertical sets of parentheses or apostrophies. Both natural and unnatural light bathe each of the multiple sets of parentheses whereby their collective clear glass symbols are revealed at every twist and turn. The twelve sided ascends to form a highly polished 12 sided mouthrim .The piece is medium walled and robust whereby the crystal clear casing can easily be viewed to the vases base and partially up the vases side walls whereby light catches each protruding symbol like hieroglyph. The clear casing serves to accentuate and heighten the richly saturated colour above and provides rest for the eye. The vases decoration is quite, quite exquisite with its Aztec styled decoration glistening and shimmering with every twist and turn. The vase is extremely tactile with a certain vivacity and verve. The vase is only one of scores of shapes across many textured ranges which also comes in many colours.Whitefriars is eagerly collected by a virtual army of enthusiasts eager to add to their respective collections - in many countries around the world apart from England. We will try & list at least a couple each month and onto next year The piece has immense character and a certain vibrancy, vivacity and pizzaz whereby tangerine or tango orange was very much the fashionable, in vogue colour of the decade. The vase perfectly evokes those....... heady days of the sixties. Someone take me back in a time machine ! Cd's can take a running jump - bring back vinyl !!!!


Please see my other listings of Scandinavian, English, American & European signed and unsigned art glass and a vast collection of unlimited & limited edition paperweights from Italy, Scotland and England listed and to be listed – with much more to come each month & watch for literally 100’s of other glass & china items over the next few months/years !! - which represents 38 odd years of avid collecting from around the world & far too many fairs & sales etc. We’ve added 2 generations of the families ‘treasures’ making 19 very, very large boxes/containers to wade through. The glass to come will include many pieces from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Bavaria, Bohemia, The Isle of Wight, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Malta & The United States to name but a few ! Mostly all in pristine condition; we have a passion for glass above all of our other collections. Each piece is either handed down or bought with design & beauty in mind – the collection encompassing both clear & coloured glass. Also, to keep all collectors & our regular buyers happy, I can only list a few pieces of Mdina, Murano, Caithness Limited Edition & Whitefriars etc a month – restraints being time, tiredness, a heart condition, stamina & the need to sleep ! As we are getting on in years we sincerely hope that our vast collection will reach new families who can appreciate the beauty & infinite variety of contemporary, minimalist and contemporary 20th Century art glass. – thanks.



Whitefriars 1972 Geoffrey Baxter 7 " Tangerine ' Aztec ' Textured Vase - Perfect:

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