Wwi 36th Div 111th Engineers Soldiers Paper Lot W/patch & Diary ~ Estate Items For Sale

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Click to see full size image. This lot of personal items belonging to Private Chester Crebbs is from the estate of a friend who recently passed away. He was a writer from Texas who did extensive research on WWI units and wrote articles about WWI for various publications. He bought this lot of items on in November 2004 and paid $538.88 for the lot. It remains intact as purchased and the original listing is included with the items.

This is a very large grouping of items belonging to a WWI soldier in the 36th Division, 111th Engineers (see photos). It is comprised of a collection of real photo postcards, souvenir postcards, maps, booklets, brochures, passes, letters, diary, patch and other miscellaneous items (see photos).

The soldier (Chester Crebbs) was from Sterling, Kansas and studied geology and Spanish at the AEF University at Beaune. Later in life he became a geologist in the oil fields of Venezuela. His evident curiosity is expressed throughout his diary (see photos).

The diary is embossed with the word "AGENDA" to the cover in fancy script (see photos). It measures 4.875 x 3 inches and has a black cloth cover. The months, days & religious days are all indicated/written in French. Fascinating entries were made almost daily from January 1st thru June 1919. After June the entries become sporatic. There are numerous names & addresses of comrades towards the back. They include: SH King, GB Banta, HA Self, HM Welborn, Wm Wilson, Leonard Goodnight, Raymond Schutt, H Frank Gon, GW Thompson, LC Cemuch, Thomas West, George Hammons, MG Cheney, Sam Harris, Earl Glasgow, WH Busby, NS Butcher, Melvin Springer, LH Owen & Delbert Heck.

    Real Photo Postcards Include:

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