Wwii Aaf Pilots Named A2 Flight Jacket W/ Uniforms Flight Suit Documents & More

Wwii Aaf Pilots Named A2 Flight Jacket W/ Uniforms Flight Suit Documents & More

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Wwii Aaf Pilots Named A2 Flight Jacket W/ Uniforms Flight Suit Documents & More:


This sale is for a LARGE Collection of items from First Lieutenant William Neil Miller, a pilot in the 54th Troop Carrier Squadron, 11th Air Force during World War Two and a Master Sergeant in the Office of Special Investigations, US Air Force after the war. This sale includes approximately 100 pages of documents that read like a history of LT Miller's career. The documents include 12 Letters Hand Signed and written to LT Miller by famous US Congressmen. Including two from the Alaska Congressman Edward Lewis "Bob" Bartlett, who is known as "Mister Alaska" because of his work to make Alaska a state. Also included is a letter that LT Miller wrote to the US Congress outlining his career in World War II and explaining why he chose to stay in the AAF when the war ended. When WWII ended LT Miller re-enlisted as a Master Sergeant in the USAAF at Camp Shelby, Mississippi with hopes of continuing to fly and so that he and his new wife could remain near her family. LT Miller never regained his flight status and remained a Master Sergeant in the newly formed United States Air Force. In 1951 he became a Special Agent in the also newly formed Office of Special Investigation, a position which he held for many years.


In this sale you receive EVERYTHING you see in the pictures (excluding the mannequin torsos and the foam head). Of course, the A-2 Flight Jacket is a very notable item in this collection, so I will describe it first.

1. WWII Army Air Forces ISSUE Pilot's A-2 Flight Jacket - EXCELLENT CONDITION - NAMED with original leather name tag to left chest and handwritten name to the interior liner. This jacket is an ALL ORIGINAL, Pre-1944 A-2 that is completely unaltered and not missing anything. The Original contract tag is still firmly in place as is the size tag. Both tags are in excellent condition and very easy to read. The size tag states that it is a Size 38 but it is larger and the documents list it as a Size 40. The original CONMAR zipper is still in place and functions perfectly. The original collar snaps and collar clips are present as are the snaps for the pockets. The zipper and all buttons and snaps have NO corrosion and NO damage at all. The jacket also maintains its ORIGINAL Cuffs and Waistband! The cuffs and waistband are in Very Good Condition with only minimal fraying and wear with only a few small holes. They also maintain some of their elasticity and look great! The jacket also maintains its ORIGINAL Liner! The liner is undamaged with NO Holes and NO Tears! There is some staining from wear and use, but the liner is very solid and complete. The LEATHER IS EXCELLENT! There is only light wear and fading to the exterior finish. The leather is Soft, Supple, Flexible and Strong! This jacket could be worn today with no worries! Every seam is very solid with no damage to any threads at all. There are No worn thin places in the leather, No holes, No dry spots, NO rot of any kind and NO cracking to the collar or any of the areas A-2s normally crack. The elbows are still very solid with only light wear. The Original WWII leather name tag reads "W.N. Miller" and is in excellent condition and as firmly sewn to the jacket as it was during the war. The name "W.N. Miller" is also handwritten by LT Miller on the interior liner to the right chest. There was once a Painted Insignia on the left chest of the jacket but it has since faded to be unrecognizable. Around the area of the painted insignia you can see where a patch was once stitched to the chest. The painted area appears to have once been a 54th Troop Carrier Squadron insignia and that the patch was removed so that the insignia could be painted there. This is a BEAUTIFUL ALL ORIGINAL A-2 that is well documented within this collection. The ORIGINAL ISSUE DOCUMENTS for it are in the collection and in Excellent Condition! You will have a very hard time ever finding a real WWII A-2 in such excellent condition that is this well documented! Truly a RARE find!!!

2. Original 1942 - 1951 Documents Regarding LT Miller's Life and Career - EXCELLENT CONDITION - There are approximately 100 Pages of Documents Included here that date from LT Miller's enlistment in the Army Air Corps in 1942 to his assignment to the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations in 1951. His orders to Flight School are here. His orders stating that he completed all of his training and was designated a pilot are here! His orders assigning him to Instructor Duty at Army Air Field Stuttgart, Arkansas are here! His orders assigning him to the 11th Air Force, 54th Troop Carrier Squadron are here! His orders sending him to Elmendorf Field, Anchorage, Alaska are her! The documents and the history that they convey goes on and on! Every order, every detail of his career is documented hear. Included are numerous ISSUE Documents for gear which list a number of the items included in this sale. Including the A-2 and the A-4 Flight Suit! ALSO INCLUDED IS A LETTER HE WROTE TO THE FAMOUS SENATOR FROM ALASKA, EDWARD LEWIS "BOB" BARTLETT IN 1946 OUTLINING HIS WWII CAREER! HIS WWII HISTORY IN HIS OWN WORDS IS HERE! THERE ARE ALSO TWO LETTERS ON UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES LETTERHEAD SIGNED BY SENATOR BARTLETT AND DATED MAY & JUNE OF 1946! Books have been written about Delegate, later Senator Bartlett and he was known as "Mister Alaska."

There are also letters to LT Miller on US House of Representatives Stationary signed by famous US Congressman Hugh Peterson of Georgia, Congressman Homer D Angell of Oregon, Congressman Augustine B. Kelley of Pennsylvania, Congressman Charles R. Robertson of North Dakota, Congressman Paul Cunningham of Iowa, Congressman Harold C. Hagen of Minnesota and well known General, Edward F. Witsell! All letters are on official US stationary and appear to all be ORIGINAL and Hand Signed! There are at least two letters from each Congressman! Each congressman went to Alaska in 1944 as part of the Congressional Committee on Territories and LT Miller was the pilot in charge of ferrying them back and forth between Juneau and Anchorage! All of the letters are very clear and in GOOD to VERY GOOD Condition!

His orders to Camp Shelby, Mississippi for mustering out when the war ended are also present as are all of his gear logs. Also included are many post WWII Documents from the Army Air Forces and the new United States Air Force. INCLUDING a certificate for his completion of a portion of his OSI training. The documents are numerous and tell nearly every single aspect of Lieutenant / Master Sergeant Miller's 1942 - 1951 career. I have not looked at all the documents, so there may be more treasures included! Wonderful documents, wonderful history and a truly wonderful addition to the collection!

3. WWII AAF Officer's Dress Uniform Coat - MINT CONDITION - LT Miller's "Elastique" dress coat with Bullion Army Air Forces Pilot's Wings to the chest, Gold Instructor Wing/Insignia to the right cuff and 11th Air Force Patch to the left shoulder. This coat is in MINT/UNISSUED Condition and does not appear to have ever been worn! There are NO insignia anywhere on the coat and absolutely NO sign of insignia ever being on the coat! There are no holes where insignia of any type ever pierced the lapels, shoulders or chest. It is in like new condition inside and out!!!

4. WWII AAF A-4 Flight Suit - GOOD to VERY GOOD CONDITION - Complete flight suit that was definitely worn by LT Miller during the war. All zippers and snaps are present and function but NEED oiling / lubricating. The flight suit shows moderate age and wear with some staining from use. It has NO holes and NO tears and even the chain hanger is still present in the collar. The size and contract tag are also present. This flight suit is great and has the look of a true veteran of many missions. You will really like this A-4 when you see it!

5. WWII AAF HBT Flight Suit / Coveralls - GOOD to VERY GOOD CONDITION - Complete set of Herringbone Twill coveralls that appear to have been used as a flight suit by LT Miller. All buttons are present as is the size tag. No holes or damage but show staining and wear from use. In approximately the same condition as the A-4.

6. US Air Force Ike Jacket Uniform - VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT CONDITION - Complete uniform with a 1946 dated Ike jacket, trousers, enlisted dress shirt, garrison cap and tie. The trousers are Excellent and show very little wear or use. There is no staining or damage at all. The Shirt would be mint but it is missing two buttons. The shirt has WWII Master Sergeant's chevrons to both sleeves, an 11th Air Force Patch on the right shoulder and an AAF Training Command Patch on the left shoulder. This shirt is still crisp and in like new condition except for the button on the right pocket and one of the front buttons are missing. The "IKE" Jacket is in Very Good Condition. It shows some light age as well as wear and the 11th Air Force Patch to the right shoulder has started to come loose. There are United States Air Force Master Sergeant Chevrons to both sleeves and a Training Command Patch to the left shoulder. The garrison cap is like new and piped to AAF Enlisted. Great looking, early Air Force Uniform!

7. WWII Army Officer's Visor Hat - VERY GOOD CONDITION - Society Brand "Crusher" Style Visor Hat. I state that it is a crusher style because it is has the soft floppy crown that looks like a crusher but it does not have the small, soft flexible visor. The hat is the late war style and maintains its original Size 7 sticker to the rear of the sweatband. The hat is also the Gabardine style other than the thick heavy wool. The leather sweatband is very solid and shows some wear and use, but it is not loose. The visor and chinstrap are in very good condition as well. The bottom of the rim shows wear from year of being in the trunk sitting directly on wood. So the cloth on the edge of the rim is worn and rubbed through in several places. You cannot see the wear when the hat is displayed. There is NO Mothing and NO Staining to the gabardine upper portion. It maintains excellent color, is original and displays very well!

8. Pilot's Log Book - VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT CONDITION - LT Miller's Named Flight Log Book that documents all of his flights while in training and his time serving as an Instructor at Stuttgart Army Air Field in Arkansas. The book covers the dates 4 April 1943 to 19 April 1944 and notes that he arrived at Elmendorf Field in Anchorage on 13 May 1944. The pages have NO damage at all and all writing is clear and easy to read. There is some wear to the spine and edges of the cover but nothing significant. Named to LT Miller on the cover and also on the first page with his home address also listed. Very rare to find a WWII Pilot's Original Log Book! Especially with his A-2!

9. ANB - H - 1 Receiver Headset - VERY GOOD CONDITION - Complete headset as used by AAF Pilot's and Aircrews. Shows light wear and age to the leather and earcups but no damage or rot. The original cord and connector are in place and undamaged as well. Great looking piece from LT Millers many flights!

10. Named Air Medal - EXCELLENT CONDITION -This is one of the most excellent condition Named Air Medals you will ever find! It is an Early Style FULL WRAP AROUND BROACH with LT Miller's full name and service / serial number engraved to the reverse. The back reads "1st LT William N. Miller 0812291." The Air Medal is in its original "coffin" case and the case is also in excellent condition as well. It includes a post WWII, but early style clutch back ribbon. LT Miller wrote in a letter to Congressman Bob Bartlett in 1946 that he received the award for difficult instrument flights while serving with the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians. He logged over 700 Hours of Instrument Flights during the war in the Aleutian Islands! This Air Medal is a wonderful item and further adds to the amazing history of this collection!

11. WWII Photo of LT Miller with 54th Troop Carrier Squadron - GOOD CONDITION - Photo has a crease from being folded but is an extremely clear image. LT Miller is noted as being "second from the right" on the back of the photo.

12. Photo ID of LT Miller - VERY GOOD CONDITION - Soldier's Permanent Pass from Williams Field, Chandler Arizona dated 7 May 1947 with a very clear and unfaded photo of then M/SGT Miller on the back.

13. WWII Footlocker With Tray / Insert - GOOD TO VERY GOOD CONDITION - Very Early World War II Schwayder Brothers Manufactured Footlocker with Very Clear Markings and Dated 1942! All hinges and latches are present and function correctly, but the family removed a portion of the latch in order to gain access to the trunk because the key was lost many years ago. The footlocker has a US Army Quartermaster Depot Tag/Sticker to the right end from when the trunk was shipped to M/SGT Miller At Williams Field in Chandler Arizona. Very solid footlocker that only shows wear and use from years of traveling. Clearly marked US to the exterior top with shipping information also stenciled in white. Has the original Tray or Insert as well. Every item was in the footlocker from 1951 until we opened it earlier this year!

14. WWII Rain Coat - GOOD to VERY GOOD CONDITION - WWII Synthetic Resin Coated Raincoat that is Complete with the original contract tag and all buttons! It is still flexible and not hard or dried out. Listed as a size small.

15. MANY MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS INCLUDING: Original WWII Victory Medal and Ribbon in Original Box, Identification Cards, Belts, Ties, Note Pads, Letters From Airline Companies regarding employment, Old Prints of C-47 "Sky Trains" In flight, Civilian Pilot Certifications from 1946, Notes from OSI Cases and Courses, Special Agent William Miller OSI Rubber Stamp, 1940s American Airlines Paper Decals, plus other small items and papers not listed. You get even more!!!


Lieutenant Miller states in his letter to Congressman Bartlett that his family had been in Alaska since 1897. He also states that he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant on 1 October 1943 and served 3 years and 8 Months in the AAF, accumulating over 700 Hours of instrument flying in the Aleutian Islands during the war. Born 6 July 1921 in Pontiac, Michigan, William Niel Miller moved to Alaska at a young age and began his civilian flight training as a teenager in there. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 and reported to flight school in March 1943. He completed flight school in September of the same year and reported to Stuttgart Army Air Field where he served as an instructor for 8 months. During this time he made numerous training flights to Greenville, Mississippi where he met his wife and they married in 1944. He then reported to the 54th Troop Transport Squadron in Alaska and received a special assignment to fly the Delegates ( Congressmen ) who comprised Congressional Committee on Territories. After the war he reported to Camp Shelby, Mississippi in December of 1945 for mustering out of the AAF. He took two months away from the AAF and when his daughter was born he re-enlisted in the Regular Army as a Master Sergeant with hopes of continuing to fly. After a brief period he was told that he would not be able to fly again in the AAF, but received offers from Commercial Airlines. He attempted to receive an honorable discharge from the Army in the summer of 1946 and wrote letters to the Congressmen that he transported in Alaska in 1944. His discharge was rejected even though the congressmen recommended that he receive one. He was then transferred to Williams Field, Arizona where he worked in the training department and when the AAF became the US Air Force in 1947, he became a member to the USAF. He began training to be a Special Agent in the OSI in 1950 an completed his training in 1951. He continued to serve the OSI for many years and also worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency until his retirement in the 1970s. Unfortunately, William Niel "Bill" Miller passed away three days before his 62nd birthday on 3 July 1983. He was buried on his birthday at Sante Fe National Cemetary. The US Veteran's Gravesite Registry lists LT Miller as being a World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran. Truly he was one of our nations many great heroes and it is an honor to offer his collection to you.

Needless to say, this is an AMAZING and RARE COLLECTION. Every single piece included in this sale was worn or used by LT / MSGT Miller. You may go the rest of your life and NEVER find a collection like this one! It is truly for the advanced collector and a true piece of history! It is museum quality and you will be astounded when you see it! I simply cannot say enough about the quality and condition of the items, plus this serviceman's history is fantastic! WWII Pilot, Long Serving OSI Special Agent and THREE War Veteran! Plus you receive ALL the documents related to his WWII Service and more!!! Hands down this is a one of a kind collection that you can be honored to own and very proud to add to your collection! PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE.


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Wwii Aaf Pilots Named A2 Flight Jacket W/ Uniforms Flight Suit Documents & More:

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