Wwii Named Dfc To 73rd Bomb Wing 873rd Squadron 20th Aaf B29 Gunner Wing & Patch

Wwii Named Dfc To 73rd Bomb Wing 873rd Squadron 20th Aaf B29 Gunner Wing & Patch

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Wwii Named Dfc To 73rd Bomb Wing 873rd Squadron 20th Aaf B29 Gunner Wing & Patch:

A few weeks ago I bought this grouping that belonged to a 20th Army Air Force B-29 Gunner. I found out after he died he lived not 2 miles from me in an apartment for many years. I've searched a bit and found him on a "73rd Wing Association" membership with his hometown listed, same as mine. Apparently he retired here but was from up north originally.
I think I have this right...He was in the 20th Army Air Force, 873rd Bomb Squadron, 498th Bomb Group, 73rd Bomb Wing. If you search some of those unit names, you will see a lot of info on them, and my man here will be listed too.
I sent off and got what records they have at the National Archives - His Distinguished Flying Cross award card, his Air Medal with 2 oak leaf clusters award card, and his last pay record. I have the files electronically that I can email to the winner. I wish the pay record was clearer, but most of it can be read.
Apparently two people that knew the man cleaned out his estate some time after his death and I got word of it... The seller met me with everything you see BUT the patches. When I was told about a "patch with an elephant" over the phone, I got worked up and was very disappointed upon our meeting when I was told; "My friend in the truck wants to keep the patches to put on her jacket". I got weak in the knees. Time to focus....

When pressed, the woman told me she left the patches at home and didn't bring them to sell. Very long story short, I had to buy the batch as you see it - LESS ALL THE PATCHES, on the spot and offer too much money to get her attention just to show me at least one of the two big patches!

She put me off a few days but finally met me. She had the two patches along the a couple of 20th AAF patches - I could not have been happier - maybe if BOTH were period I could be - BUT, I'm thrilled to have his original, uniform removed squadron patch and the "new" one I assume he got at a reunion. It has a pal's name on it and "1990" (see the 7th photo). Kinda cool. If you look at the 5th pic, you can see a ruler under the patch an it measures over 6 inches (lucky guy).
Included are his dog tags, his sterling marked pin back gunner's wings, period Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal and named / officially engraved Distinguished Flying Cross - WITH IS NAME MISSPELLED! What a let-down that must have been when he got that from the Government.
Don't miss the last photo of the BIG squadron patch - check out the detail of the winking elephant! Plus, you can see the threads still there were it was removed from a flight jacket. The 20th AAF patches were sewn on to a uniform too by the way.
Here is one roster I found interesting... sure wish I knew which aircraft this Vet was on. Note how many did not make it, and also note the number of mission some of them did... These guys saw a LOT of intense and serious arial combat:

498th Group

Tail Code Serial No. Nickname (if any) Remarks

T1 42-63430 ditched 13Dec44; McCandliss crew lost

T1 42-24727 ditched 31Mar45; MacDonald crew, 10 surv.

T1 42-94027 Ruthless survived the war; 30 missions

T2 42-24605 The Heat's On ditched 27Dec44; Gress crew, 4 survived

T2 42-63501 shot down 27Jan45; Kilgo crew lost

T2 42-63468 ditched 10Feb45; Breeland crew lost

T2 42-65332 The Heat's On survived the war; 48 missions

T3 42-24608 crashed on Saipan 4Feb45; Stendahl crew survived

T3 42-24794 Homer's Roamers survived the war; was originally T-10

T4 42-24611 Little Jo lost 29 Apr 45 - Fisher crew, 6 survived

T4 44-69932 Little Jo (transferred from 497th) survived the war

T5 42-24614 Joltin' Josie, The Pacific Pioneer ditched after t/o, 1Apr45; Currier crew lost - note 3

T5 42-24612 survived the war; B-29F Klondike Kutey post-war

T5 42-94014 Little Butch survived the war

T6 42-24695 Lucky 'Leven survived the war - 60 missions

T6 44-61734 Lucky Seven Special WX Strike A/C - later WB-29 w/ 53rd WRS

T7 42-24603 damaged on Saipan 27Nov44, w/o 18Dec44

T7 42-24777 ditched 27Feb45; Brodie crew, 9 survived

T7 42-93944 Mighty Fine w/o 15Jul45 after 9Jul taxi accident

T7 44-61655 Mighty Fine II survived the war

T8 42-24645 ditched 8Nov44; Tracek crew, 2 survived

T8 42-24755 Tommy Hawk survived the war

T8 44-69706 Vanishing Rae was T53 Black Bart's Revenge; survived the war

T9 42-24629 Devil's Darlin' ditched 4Feb45; A/C Malone lost

T9 42-63522 Devil's Darlin' II earlier T11 Raidin' Maiden

T10 42-63428 destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44

T10 42-24735 ditched 3Dec44; Fetter crew lost

T10 42-24767 ditched 27Jan45; Beyhan crew lost

T10 42-24794 Homer's Roamers later T-3

T10 42-93881 crashed Tinian 5 Apr 45

T10 42-94030 Lucky Strikes survived the war

T11 42-63522 Raidin' Maiden later T9 Devil's Darlin' II

T11 42-65331 Arkansas Traveler later T17

T11 44-69969 Oregon Express survived the war

T12 42-63443 Shirley Dee was also T25 and T37; survived the war

T12 42-65295 Sally Delle shot down 29Apr45; Marvell Geer crew lost

T12 42-93852 Tokyo Rose F-13A; 19 missions (3rd PRS) survived the war

T12 44-61623 Sally Delle survived the war

T14 42-24471 w/o 5May45

T14 44-69987 Kayo Kid survived the war

T14 42-93945 survived the war

T15 44-69747 lost 10Mar45; Kordsmeier crew (midair?)

T15 44-69752 shot down 2Apr45; Filbert crew lost

T15 44-69848 ditched 6Aug45; Hoffman crew surv. (Phillips AC)

T16 44-69765 was T8; ditched 1Jun45; Yount crew survived

T16 44-61666 Sweet Sixteen disappeared 4Sep45 on POW mission; Alexander crew+5 pax lost

T17 42-65331 Arkansas Traveler earlier T11; survived the war

T19 survived the war

ONE PENNY OPENING offer, so someone wins!
See the pics, they should tell the story from here - offer with confidence...over 15 years here with only the best stuff I can find. Uncleaned and untouched is my goal - once that is done, it's done for good, so I leave things as I find them.
I want everyone happy, so let me know if you have an issue.
See my other great militaria - I'll combine shipping. Please don't blame me for high shipping cost - I put in the ACTUAL weight and figures the rest base off of where you and I are located. Overseas shipping via Express Mail only due to sellers having to PROVE delivery, sorry.

***Thank a Veteran today...We owe them EVERYTHING!***

Wwii Named Dfc To 73rd Bomb Wing 873rd Squadron 20th Aaf B29 Gunner Wing & Patch:

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