Webkinz Snowflake Pup Nwt **speedy Shipping**super Service**smoke Free**

Webkinz Snowflake Pup Nwt  **speedy Shipping**super Service**smoke Free**

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Webkinz Snowflake Pup Nwt **speedy Shipping**super Service**smoke Free**:

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Webkinz Snowflake Pup NWT **SPEEDY Shipping**SUPER Service**Smoke Free**


Brand New with Tag and Code

One Webkinz Snowflake Pup

The Winter Holiday release for 2012 was the Snowflake Pup. While all puppies are cute, Webkinz puppies are especially cute and very low maintenance! ;p What a great Holiday surprise to find one of thesefestive pups waiting inside a gift box or bag! The Snowflake Pup is covered with flakes of different sizes in red, blue and green and I have to say that I love the colors and style of the flakes..Every puppy is a little different, but every one of them is adorable!The virtualSnowflake Pupis just as sweet asthe plush!You'll love dressing up your patterened pup in all of the funHoliday clothing, but it also looks really "cool" inanything!The virtual Pet Specific Item forthis Holiday canineis so much fun..who doesn't love a snowglobe? You don't need another snowglobe? How about one your pets can star in? I thought you might like that! =DThe Snowy Globe Chair is a resting place fit for Santa Kinz, but any of your pets can rest in this nice red chair. You'll enjoy seeing them there too, surrounded by the snow and trees inside theirglobe. It's such a fun item-you are going to have a lot of fun decorating with it. You'll also have a lot of fun loving your new Snowflake Pup!

Thanks so much for looking. Have a great day & Happy offerding!

Please check out my other sales and fun items in my Store-Lots of Webkinz and accessories are here and lots more are on the way!

**Carriers, Webkinz Clothing, Tees for Kids, Bookmarks, Kinz Klips, Figures, Stickers, etc.**

If you are looking for another special Webkinz or Webkinz item, please feel free to ask! I care for a busy family and usually can't list nearly fast enough to reflect my current stock! My service, however, is still the same as ever: Fast, courteous, and full of communication! Thanks for looking!

I am ALWAYS happy to combine your shipping! Details below in "Shipping" section or, just request an invoice when you are finished (Take up to 7 days or so) shopping! I charge close to actual shipping and sometimes less!! My goal is to help you save $$ if you are nice enough to shop with me!

Want to play with your new pet NOW? As a courtesy for anxious buyers, I offer you the option of having your secret code emailed after your payment clears.You or the new owner can begin playing online immediately while they wait for the plush in the mail. I open the tag holder gently, email the code and put the tag back in the plastic before shipping.THIS IS OPTIONAL! Your TAG IS SEALED until and unless you request the code!

YES! My Stock is 100% SMOKE FREE!! =D

If you are not completely satisfied, please contact me so that I can fix the problem!

's new star standards actually punish sellers for ratings below 4.6. A rating of 4 stars seems like a good score, but now actually can hurt us! If you are happy, please consider leaving 5 stars foranyseller that has served you well!

Thank you!


Payment is expected within three days of sale end. After that, I will attempt to contact you and re-list the item. Please contact me should you need to make special arrangements though~I am happy to work with you!

Iallow up to 7 days to shop and take advantage of combined shipping. This is a flexible policy, but requires that you communicate with me!Please just write me a note to let me know that you are still offerding. Iappreciate your business and want you tosave some money if you can! Ihave some of the best combined shipping on , so shop away-just let me know=D Thank you!

More than one item?PLEASErequest an invoice before you pay!I charge actual shipping, so it won't combine automatically, but Iam happy to adjust it for you!

I accept PayPal only at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience, but PayPal is safe and easy! You can use your bank account or credit card and it is completely secure. If you try it, I am sure you will love it..and it is not just for ; you can use it on many Internet sites! PLEASE NOTE: I amhappy to acceptyoureCheck, but itWILL DELAY your shipping. As soon as PayPal releases the funds to my account (usually 4-7 days) I will email you and ship your item. I am not covered by my seller protection if I ship prior to the funds clearing. Thank you for your understanding!



Your purchase ships within 24 hours of cleared payment-Iam happy to have some of the fastest shipping you can get on thanks to frequent drops andmy geographic location near a postal hub.

Not sure if you need Priority?Quite often First Class is just as fast! Ask me if you aren't sure and I'll let you know if you can save the extra few dollars!!:D

PLEASEREQUESTan invoice if you purchase or win multiple items. Shipping will not combine automatically, but Iwant to save you the money!!


  • I now ship essentially Worldwide, though I reserve the right to decline or cancel sales to Mexico, Argentina and certain other countries where mail frequently fails to be delivered. I will ship anywhere if you are willing to use Priority shipping with insurance, but this can be expensive. The shipping calculator will help you with postage for one of any item you are looking at. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MULTIPLE ITEMS, PLEASE request a quote and an invoice as your shipping will need to be adjusted (It is usually less than the calculator will tell you). If you need exact pricing before you purchase, please send your city and postal code and the item(s) you plan to purchase.
  • CHOOSING YOUR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING METHOD-First Classis by far the most economical method of shipping and the choice of most customers. It is a reliable way to get your items with an AVERAGEdelivery time of 10-14 business days, butdelivery times varydepending on customsand itdoes not include track and confirminformation. Please be prepared to wait 45 days for replacement items/refunds when you select first class shipping. Priority Internationalhas a delivery standard of 6-10 business days and includestrack and confirm service. I will fit any item into a flat rate envelope that can possibly fit which will save you around$8.00, no longer include tracking when used Internationally. If you require track and confirm service, please choose the regular priority shipping option. I MAY REQUIRE PRIORITY SHIPPING TO CERTAIN COUNTRIES DUE TO PAST ISSUES WITH DELIVERY!
  • IF BUYING MULTIPLE ITEMSIGNORE THE CALCULATOR AMOUNT - SHIPPING IS USUALLY LESS THAN IT QUOTES!! Just request a new invoice prior to paying and Iwill recalculate your shipping options and costs for you!

~GETITFAST & style="text-align: center;">90% of the time I am able to ship the same day-always within 24 hours. TheUSPostal Service, however, guarantees express mail delivery at different times to different locations ranging from noon the next day to 3PM the day after that. This depends on your distance from your nearest postal hub. Ican access the information for you in a matter of minutes, if you need something sooner than 48 hours from the time you are purchasing and paying for the that the last ten days before Christmas, we add a day or two to the guaranteed time (if you are usually guaranteed noon the next day, the last week before Christmas, you will be guananteed by noon of the second day). AGAIN, Iam happy to checkon this for you.

~Why do I still charge shipping fees?~

now charges sellers a percent of the sale, including shipping.Lots of sellers will now be just incorporating the shipping cost in the item price, but here is why I won't be-if Icharge you more for every item, Ican't combine your shipping cost to save you a little money and show appreciation for your repeat business.

Iam you!

Iwant to help save you money and I appreciate your return business and multi item purchase. For this reason, I also don't have a set combined shipping policy. I sell a variety of items and take my time to try to charge you as close to actual shipping as possible when I create your invoice-often even a bitLESS. Irealize that it is a little confusing, butthis policyis an effort to befair to allof my customers andhelp you save as much as possible. Below are bulleted GUIDELINESregarding shipping, but the easiest thing to do is ask if you need an exact quote. I promise though, to be very fair when calculating your shipping-I do not try to make money on it. If Iam way off, I'll refund the difference! Ihope that in return you will feel great about leaving me 5 stars as Ido all Ican to be "very reasonable!"

  • The second and third full size pet will cost about 1.45 additional shipping, additional pets after that, about a $1.00 each. Heavier pets and large pets, a little more and Lil kinz a little less-your postal code also does matter. Shipping is less if you live near a hub, more if you are somewhere far off the beaten path.
  • For Buy It Now Items Iam required to put in a shipping cost for additional items if Ihave more than one listed.Your shipping may be less than what it says, feel free to request a new invoice just in case whenever you buy more than one item from me!
  • Small items like bookmarks, figures, hamsters and Kinz Klips ship with Plush pets for free or close to it.
  • There isNOadditional cost to shipvia USPSmail toAlaska, Hawaii,APO. Charges may vary if you require another carrier.
  • Again, Iam happy to ship to your APOaddress and will not charge you extra for it!
  • I ship very quickly-after your payment clears, your itemswill be on their way out of town on the next postal truck. Often this is the same day,but always within 24 hours, unless there is no postal service due to Holidays or Sunday. I can't control the Postal Service, but do everything in my power to ensure that you get your items FAST!!!
  • E-Checks are welcome, but will delay the processing of your order as I am not able to ship your item until the funds clear into my account, usually 4-7 days. Iam sorry for the an invoiceto take advantage ofcombined shipping-since I don't have a set discount,it won't combine automatically.

"How do Irequest a combined invoice for shipping discounts?"

You can just send me an email through the "contact seller" link and let me know you would like an invoice. You can also go to your purchase history page and use theto "request total from seller." It should appear next toeach item you'vepurchased, but when you click on it all the items from that seller should group together for you to send the request. On that a new page you will alsohave a chance to write a note or question and then send that request to me. Either way is fine! Thank you! =)

Christmas Delivery2014

I work rightup toChristmas Eve. The last day to pay to ensure domesticfirst class delivery by Christmas Eve 2014 is11:59 PM Thursday, Dec 18.Many itemspaidfor after that will make it as well,but you'll have left no time for weather delays, full trucks, etc.Priority and Expressmail options are availablewith prices starting at $5.75 for Priority and$18.75 for Express. I ship twice daily and more often if needed throughout the months of November and December. Just let me know what you need and I will make it happen if Ican and let you know if Ican't. I want to help you make a dream come true, not ruin a birthday or Holiday for anyone!

Terms of Sale

Nothing fancy~I want you to be happy & will work with you to be sure that you are!

Allbrand names are used to help youclearly identify the items listed anddo not indicate or attempt to portrayaffiliation with any brand, company, etc. mentioned in the title,description, item details or any other portion of the listing.

I am always happy to answer yourquestions about items ortransaction details. Write anytime and I'll help in any way that Ican!Thank you for shoppingwith Us

Welcometo anyone who is shopping one of my sales for the first time! The most important thing to know about me is that I treat every customer as I like to be treated when I shop-whether I'm on-line or in stores! I have years of customer service experience and truly enjoy people AND Webkinz!! Iam happy you stopped by today!=D

My personal goal above and beyond great service and great product is to assist people withlast minute gift needs. Ihave kids. I know the deal. Three days before the birthday they tell you what they REALLY want is something nowhere to be found! GROAN..a parent's heart breaks. Write me if you don't see what you need..if Ihave it it will be on its way to you as soon as we complete the sale.

A SPECIAL OPTION FOR ANXIOUS MAIL BOX WATCHERS: I am happy to email your pet's code before I ship it to you! You can play on-line while you wait for your plushie to travel home!! THIS IS OPTIONAL!! Your tag is sealed and secure, until and unless you request the code to be emailed! Just let me know in the instructions for seller when you pay or drop me an email..contact me soon after payment though..I do ship very quickly and there is no way for me to get your code once the pet is in the mail!

A VERYspecialTHANKYOU to my returning customers!SO many of you have made my life a little richer with stories about your children's (and YOUR) love of Webkinz! Ilove the snippets of your life you've shared: about your pets, the crazy weather, or reactions to gifts you purchased here. SO many of you have been a source of great kindness and prayer for my family over the last two years as both of my parent's health declined and my care load was at times quite whelming. Your prayers and wishes are deeply appreciated by myself and my family. Thank you alsofor continuing to shop with me when the listings stopped..you were right to write and ask-Iam always and will always be happy to serve you! Please keep the notes coming-Ireally enjoy them! =D

If you are new to shopping with me, please check out my response-Iam very fortunate to have so many fantastic customers who take the time to write it! Thanks to you if you are one of those many special people!response helps me to know how I am doing and is invaluable to new customers as they choose a seller with which to work. If you want to tell me more than fits, feel free to write-Ivalue your input!

Any product specific name, brand, logo, description or any other registered trademarks related to this item are included for the sake of product identification so that you know exactly what you are offerding on or purchasing. Iam / Gwainshome is NOT affiliated in any way with Ganz, Webkinz, Jackpops, Nike, VS, Coach or any other company represented in any of my / gwainshome's items; nor is the use of any of the above terms meant to suggest that any of these companies are in any way affiliated with me /gwainsome.

I work hard to be fast and efficient, but everyone makes a mistake sometimes! I will fix any of mine for you as quickly and painlessly as possible! I want you to leave here happy and come back often!

Contact Us

Iinclude a lot of information in my listings..maybe too much? :)Iam just trying to help you decide if you would like to do business with me, not trying to avoid answering your questions!!ALWAYSfeel free to write with any questions regarding my items, policies or shipping concerns. I am happy to assist you with making your transaction with meperfect for YOU!

The best way to contact me is through the link on any of my has it hidden at the bottom of the listing now..why Idon't know!It's there though, so please use it!

Feel free to contact me with any questions about a listing or to inquire about an item you need and don't see. I have an extensive stock of Webkinz: old, new and everything in between! I also carry a wide variety of accessories. Life in 3-D gets hectic so, my virtual store is not always fully stocked for you to see what is actually here. I can create a listing in minutes if you need something special, though; so please do ask! I also love hearing about how the pets are doing in their new homes, so please write to let me know! =D

I'm also selling lots of other great items that are not related to Webkinz, this year! Watch out for great deals on clothing and accessories for your kids, teens and YOU! Other awesome odds and ends are already waiting here to be listed, so this should be a fun year for all of us! :p

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Webkinz Snowflake Pup Nwt **speedy Shipping**super Service**smoke Free**:

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