Western Knife Leather Handle Repair Set

Western Knife Leather Handle Repair Set

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Western Knife Leather Handle Repair Set:


Western began making knives with the “Bifurcated Tang” in 1931 and continued almost to their final demise.

The Bifurcated Tang is identified by the steel exposed at the top and bottom of the handle.

Over the years the leather washers dry out and break, since nobody makes the correct washers, these fine knives are left with cobbed together handles or simply discarded. That's a waste of a very good knife.

Gladstone Mfg. Co. is now making the proper washer to repair your Western Knife, fitted exactly like the originals, you can buy a set and rebuild the handle.

The Leather Washer Set includes 15 sole leather washers, enough to replace the existing leather on any of the Bifurcated Tang Western Knife.

The leather is Vegetable Tanned in the USA, 12 to 14 ounces thick just like the original handle.

I recommend you use the original color and brass spacers from your knife as they are usually fine and can help you determine the right size and shape of the handle as you sand and polish the new leather.

You will need to remove the original pinned on pommel, this requires care and proper tools to have a perfect result. The Washer and Pommel Set includes an Aircraft Aluminum pommel block much like those used by Western in construction of the knives.

The Pommel Block is slotted to accept the ends of the Bifurcated Tang. It is pressed on to compress the handle leathers. Holes are drilled through the pommel block and tang for retaining pins. The block is then shaped along with the handle material for a perfect match.

The Gladstone Pommel Block is longer than the original allowing you the option of drilling new holes in the block and tang instead of attempting to match up the originals. I recommend new holes as it's easier and as effective as the original.

The Leather Spacer Set containing 15 leathers is $10.95 and DOES NOT include the Pommel. YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS ITEM!!!!!

The Spacer and Pommel Set is $24.95 including 15 leathers and a Pommel Block. It does not include pins or a drill bit allowing you to use what's readily available to you. The item number for the set WITH Pommel is 271118637017

Spacers are available in Red, Brick Red, Black (Thick or Thin), White or Blue. A set of 12 spacers is $5 with your choice of colors. If you need one or two to replace originals that break during disassembly, let me know when you order and we'll come up with something fair to help you out.

Western Knife Leather Handle Repair Set:

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