Whiting Woolly Bugger Pack - Choose From 13 Colors

Whiting Woolly Bugger Pack - Choose From 13 Colors

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Whiting Woolly Bugger Pack - Choose From 13 Colors:

Whiting Farms
Genetic Woolly Bugger Hackle
These feathers are taken from Rooster CapesThese are NOT rooster saddles, they are just pieces from a rooster Cape or neck.
The feathers are still attached to the skin.Each pack varies as to exactly how many feathers there are.
I counted 296 in one pack of Grizzly dyed.
Please do not hold me to a certain number of feathers in a pack.
Whiting does not promise a certain number. feather length is from 3 to 6 inches - *** Please NOTE - 3 inches to 6 inches long ***these feathers are NOT long and thin Please choose one color per pack, each pack normally has 2 pieces, some packs have more.
The feathers are on the skin pieces.this count was what is in stock as of May 10, 2015I cannot send your pack until you tell me what color that you want.
IF I do not hear from you in an email within 24 hours, I will send youa pack of Grizzly dyed PurpleMOST of the Grizzly dyed feathers will run 3 inches to 6 inches long
Colors to choose from:
Natural Brown mixed with Natural Furnace
this pack has the LONGEST feathers, you might get some feathers as long as 8 inches in some packs, but not all the packs will have those long feathers.
Grizzly dyed Burgundy
Grizzly dyed Yellow
Grizzly dyed Natural Brown
Grizzly dyed Purple
Grizzly dyed Orange
Grizzly dyed Burnt Orange White dyedInsect GreenWhite White dyed Light Ginger White dyed Natural Brown
A Great choice for Feather Earrings
and tying woolly buggers, making streamer, Bass and Pike fly wings.We do combine shipping. will charge per item, but I will refund your overpayment through PayPal.1. Do I get 3 separate pieces in a pack? - A, You will receive what Whiting has put in one pack.2. Will I be purchasing the item that is shown in the photograph or can I choose 3 of any combination from the colors you have available? A. For each $25.00 purchase you will get to choose one color, I do not mix colors for the $25.00 price.3. Is it possible to get 3 different color combination's? A. NO
4. *** I do not have the time to put up a picture of each and every pack of each and every color.These packs are to together at Whiting Farms, not here in my shop. The feathers they choose to put in the packs come mostly from the Euro Rooster Capes, not the saddles.
Some packs like Black, medium dun, barred dark ginger, barred medium ginger are taken from the very end of the rooster cape where just the longest feathers are found. All the rest of the colors are taken from the middle and the end of the cape. The middle of the cape has the 3 inch and longer feathers and the end has the very longest feathers.
I have no control of what goes into a pack of these feathers on pieces of skin.Sorry for all the questions I just wasn't 100% sure from the listing description! :)
The feathers come from a rooster cape and are NOT long and thin. However they do make great earrings and fishing flies.
These feathers are still on the skin and are not loose.
Please note about returns.
The dyes in our products are not guaranteed NOT to wash out. They were dyed to be fished in water, not dyed to withstand every type of hair shampoo and treatment. I only accept returns if the item is in original condition without any feathers missing and that the card and packaging are not damaged so the item can be sold as - NEW unused -
Thank you for understanding.
Raised and processed in the USA

These pictures are stock photos but they are a good representative of the average pack
NEW, Never Used. Fresh from the farm.

You will get an assortment of hackle sizes from #10 up to #6,
some of these grizzly and dyed grizzly feathers can dress a nice dry fly.


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Whiting Woolly Bugger Pack - Choose From 13 Colors:

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