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July 24th, 2014
Laylat al-Qadr

July 24th, 2014
Pioneer Day

July 27th, 2014
Parents' Day

July 28th, 2014
World Hepatitis Day

July 29th, 2014

July 30th, 2014
World Friendship Day

August 5th, 2014
Tisha B'Av

August 9th, 2014
World Indigenous Peoples’ Day

August 11th, 2014
Victory Day

August 12th, 2014
International Youth Day

August 15th, 2014
Statehood Day in Hawaii

August 15th, 2014
Assumption of Mary

August 15th, 2014
'Bennington Battle Day' observed

August 16th, 2014
Bennington Battle Day

August 19th, 2014
World Humanitarian Day

August 19th, 2014
National Aviation Day

August 23rd, 2014
World Day for Slave Trade Abolition



Whopper Blackthorn Walking Stick Shillelagh 945g Irish Piglets Coin 1/2 D 1967 For Sale

Whopper Blackthorn Walking Stick Shillelagh 945g Irish Piglets Coin 1/2 D 1967

This Genuine Irish Blackthorn walking stickhas been handcrafted to the highest standardby a local craftsman and artist. The curvaceous, solid, and stout shaft has been finished in traditional black. The buyer may have their name, or other short wording of their choice applied using the ancient art of pyrography. The huge head is of a perfect size to fit comfortably in a large hand and is completely free from cracks, as it has been fully seasoned. A 1967 Irish 1/2 d coin with Sow and Piglets, has been fitted into the shaft (buyer may choose if they want the Harp or Piglets on view). These coins are no longer in circulation, as the Euro was introduced in 2002.There is also room for the winning buyer to have their initials applied using pyrography, FREE of charge.There is much folklore surrounding blackthorn, also known as Snag. It was believed that Christ's Crown of Thorns was made from blackthorn. In Irish folklore it was believed that the "little people" lived in blackthorn bushes.Blackthorn is a strong, heavy, and solid wood, making it a highly valued wood for making walking sticks as it shows interesting patterns and knotholes. It is also, famously, the wood most typically used by the Irish to make a shillelagh.This piece weighs a whopping 945 grams, is 35 1/2" long , and the shaft is a stout 5" in circumference below the head, and tapering perfectly to 4" at the foot, where a brass ferrule is fitted. Around the root ball head is a massive 6" in circumference. It is aunique collectors piece and almost certainly an antique of the future. Firstly finished in Traditional black, it has been protected by several coats of a high quality,water, impact, alcohol and heat resistant lacquer, which not only looks exquisite, but feels exquisite too. It will not fail to gain attention and admiration, and will surely be the topic of conversation in any household. It will also make a great companion and protector.A rubber ferrule, and /or a leather strap may be obtained. Please ask for more details.Item will be well packaged in bubble wrap, brown paper and taped securely, before being sent via Hermes courier in UK, and Royal mail Airsure, where available (otherwise,International signed for) to buyers from outside of the UK. Shipping/ postage costs are based on the Royal mail price finder, with little to no packaging cost to you, the buyer. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR OTHER LISTINGS, FOR MORE UNIQUE ITEMS.WE WILL CONSIDER UNDERTAKING COMMISSIONED PIECES, PLEASE CONTACT US WITH YOUR REQUESTS.WE CAN ALSO PERSONALISE YOUR CHOSEN ITEM.

Whopper Blackthorn Walking Stick Shillelagh 945g Irish Piglets Coin 1/2 D 1967

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Whopper Blackthorn Walking Stick Shillelagh 945g Irish Piglets Coin 1/2 D 1967: