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Window Shades: Remote Control Motorized Diy Kit For Sale

Window Shades: Remote Control Motorized Diy Kit

RollerTrol™ Automation Systems is pleased to offer our latest window blind DIY kit (SKU TMK-2-12-R) that runs on 12v DC. This motorized window shade kit enables you to make custom window shades (or projector screens). We supply the motorized kit with tubular motor, remote control, power supply and mounting brackets - you supply the custom 1 3/8" (35mm) I.D. roller tube (readily available anywhere tubing is sold) and blind material.
  • Includes RollerTrol™ 12v DC tubular motor, multi-channel remote (control other blinds too), 12v AC power supply, 1 3/8" (35 mm) ID tube adapters, and mounting brackets. See FAQ below and illustration above for detailed kit information.
  • This system gives you complete control over the size and choice of screen or roller blind material. You can also install a custom fascia or valance that matches your room decor.
  • If you are thinking of going into the home theater or window blind installation business, here is a low cost solution for you!
  • Our system engineers are available to provide support and information at
Our high quality whisper quiet RollerTrol™ DC tubular roller motors are precision engineered to exacting standards, with state-of-the-art remote control systems.

We have prepared this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) summary to help you understand the unique features of our products:

Q. Are these motors quiet when operated?
  • Yes! At an average 38 db, our whisper quiet RollerTrol™ motors are among the quietest motors in the industry. Many other tubular motor brands are much noisier.
Q. Can I make blinds and projector screens that have a custom width and height, to fit the dimensions of my room?
  • Yes! The width is controlled simply by the length of slide-on tubing you select (minimum is 11", or 29 cm), and the height is controlled by the length of material you select (maximum number of motor turns is unlimited, unlike other brands)
Q. Can I make horizontal or angled blinds?
  • Yes! If you take a regular spring loaded window blind and remove the latching mechanism, you can attach the tubular motor with wire or fishing line to deploy/retract the blind. You can also install plastic or wood guides on either side to help keep it flat.
Q. Are there good reasons to use low voltage DC instead of regular AC?Yes! There are many reasons:
  • lower cost overall
  • safe: low voltage 12 volts will not harm children or adults
  • an electrician is not required for installation
  • wiring is small gauge, typically lamp cord, easy to conceal
  • motor can be used in a variety of environments (home, RV, marine, etc)
  • many power source choices: A/C house current, battery, solar, etc.
Q. Do the motors have a warranty?
  • A. Yes! We guarantee them against defect for a full year. They have been factory tested to 30,000+ cycles (approximate life of 82 years at 1 cycle per day).
Q. Do they work if there is a power failure?
  • Yes! If you use a battery in the system, they will work even when your house power has failed. We have small high-efficiency rechargeable backup batteries that fit inside any standard valance or fascia board. They can also be concealed lower down behind something, or you can use your own system.
Q. Could I use a solar panel?
  • Yes! Use a 12v solar panel system, wind generator, water wheel or other 12v power source. These are very efficient motors that require very little power to operate, typically 5 to 10 watts for perhaps 30 seconds when operating. If you use the radio remote type, the standby power is approximately 18 mA for the radio receiver. We also have special ultra-low power radio models with a standby power current of only .03 mA
Q. If I don't want a battery, can I run these on regular AC house power?
  • A. Yes! Just use our standard plug-in 12v power supply 'wall wart'. The battery is completely optional.
Q. Can I use these motors for a home theater screen AND blackout window blinds?
  • A. Yes! You can make our RollerTrol™ motors do many different things.
Q. Can I control window blinds and screens separately, with a single remote?
  • A. Yes! Our multi-channel radio controllers can control radio equipped RollerTrol™ motors individually, but they also have an 'ALL' setting to move everything at once.
Q. Can I buy one unit now and add others later that will work with the same remote control?
  • A. Yes! Our RollerTrol™ motors have full 'learning' capabilities and can be added to an existing system at any time.
Q. Can I control blinds and screens in other rooms?
  • A. Yes! Our Rollertrol™ RF radio type remote controls pass the signal through walls and have a range that can reach anywhere in a typical home.
Q.Can I havequite a few individual channelson myremote control?
  • A. Yes! Currently we have models with up to 14 individual channels
Q. Can I interface these systems with other home automation systems?
  • A. Yes! Our controllers can accept external switch closure signals from other types of home automation systems.
Q. Can I set the upper and lower travel limits easily?
  • A. Yes! The Rollertrol™ radio equipped motors use an electronic system set by activating a 'learn' mode with the multi-channel remote control, and the limits are set from the remote. You don't have to touch the motors at all. This is much easier than the old style with fiddly screw settings on the motor.
Q. Can I have a long window covering or screen with this system?
  • A. Yes! The Rollertrol™ motors use an electronic 'pulse count' system, instead of the old style of screw adjusted mechanical limit system. Unlike the older mechanical designs, the number of rotations allowed is style="font-family: Georgia;">
    We provide a 'no quibble' return policy for 7 days after receipt of goods (buyer is responsible for return freight, 25% restocking fee). Please note price does not include any State, Provincial or Federal taxes, or cross border charges (units are assembled in Canada). HST charged in BC is 12%, rest of Canada is GST or HST tax, depending on province. Components carry a 1 year warranty (buyer pays shipping).

    Please Note: We only ship to members with a verified PayPal account with street address in the US or Canada.

    Window Shades: Remote Control Motorized Diy Kit

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    Window Shades: Remote Control Motorized Diy Kit:

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