Wolf Trap Sluice Box Lg, Folds, Adj Riffle, Prospecting, Placer Gold Mining *

Wolf Trap Sluice Box Lg, Folds, Adj Riffle, Prospecting, Placer Gold Mining *

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Wolf Trap Sluice Box Lg, Folds, Adj Riffle, Prospecting, Placer Gold Mining *:

Wolf Trap Mining Sluices

Designed For Back Packing
Or To Fit Inside Of A Suit Case

This is for a


With an Adjustable Speed Riffle


All buyers Well Be Given A Second Chance Offer.


There is a web site on the Internet that is using my name as a way to reach themselves; it is not me you are reaching. If you put in “WolfTrapMining.com” This web site is NOT my web page. It will send you to New England Prospectors. I do not have a web site. I am in Colorado NOT New England. DON’T ASSUME that it is me you are contacting. Wolf Trap Mining DOES NOT HAVE A WEB PAGE OR WEB SITE. If you wish to contact me go through .


Sorry about no buy it now and the price change.

wants "Buy It Nows" to be 30% higher then thestarting price andthey have alsoincreased our closing fees.

They also now charge us for Closing fees on the cost of shipping.


This sale is for a single long sluice box.


You will be getting one of the finest Sluice boxes made today.

You will also find that it contains one of my famous FLIPPING RIFFLE which is just the ticket for those changing water conditions you always find. We make the only riffle on the market today that can be Quickly Changed for whatever water conditions you run into.

Why You Need A Wolf Trap
Sluice BoxIn a standard Sluice Box the water must rise to go over the riffle. The water that enters the sluice is at speed S and volume V. If your water is 3 inches deep at speed S and you introduce a riffle in the stream/flow the water can't get deeper so it must go faster to clear it. If the riffle is 1 inch high the water speed increases 1 1/2 times. This means: The gold won't drop out as fast because the water is faster. Hence you need a longer sluice box. Not just 1 1/2 times longer but probable closer to 4 or 5 times longer to get the gold to drop out.

Now take one of my Wolf Trap Sluice Boxes.
Note: The riffle is below the entry water level. This means that the water must slow down to fill this extra space. Now what happens when the water slows down? It drops its Gold very quickly. Hence you don't need a real long sluice box to get the gold to drop out. This quick loss of water speed also makes the fine gold drop quickly. This fine gold would normally not drop at all.

Now that the gold has dropped out you must retain it in the box.

All sluices have same problem. How do you retain the gold???
Some use a piece of expanded metal under the riffle. They hope to hide the gold in it. Bad idea: The water now can find holes under the riffle to wash out the gold instead of trapping it.

Some use Miners Moss. This helps a little but it to has its down falls also. Since it is a open weave water can again wash out the gold from under the riffle. And now the gold also falls through the Miners Moss and lies against the bottom of the box. Bad Idea again: You can't get the bottom of the box in the middle to seal against the riffle. The box well buckle out and leave an open space in the middle. (You can check this for yourself. Take a piece of letter paper. Cut a strip from it ((1 1/2 to 2 inches wide)) and place it under the Miners Moss, or Carpet, in the middle of the box. When you are finished assembling the box. See how easy you can pull out the paper.) Guess what you are loosing, Yup that is right, lots of gold again.

I have this same problem, but I have a way to solve it. I put a dam across the end of the box below the water entry level. This retains the gold fines and doesn't increase the water speed.

To add to all of this I have very deep riffles and a riffle frame that flips over so you can adjust it for the water speeds you find when you get to the stream.

The down side to making my box: Because of these features it cost more to make and it takes longer to build. That is why my box cost a little more. You also have to clean up more often. Because of all of these changes my sluice boxes retains much more black sand and gold. I have seen as much as 2 to 3 inches of concentrate in the pail after a clean up.

Up side is that you get much more gold and much more of that hard to get finer gold.

Adjustable Riffle Selection Guide:
FAST SIDE: For Spring Run offs and other very fast water conditions.

STANDARD SIDE: Normal and slow water conditions.

PLUS: For Very Slow Water and for Beach Sand in the surf some buyers remove the Riffle and use only the Riffled Carpet. You can use it on the beach by just staking down the Sluice Box in the edge of the surf. You let the surf wash over it, and then run back through the funnel.
BUT Please REMEMBER THIS ONLY WORKS IN MY SLUICE BOX because it has a Sunken Riffle Chamber So That The GOLD Won't Wash Out Of The Box.

I Have Redesigned The Box
Back Packers
It Also Now Fits
Inside A Suit Case

The box has been redesigned for Back Packers. The funnel can now come off and be placed inside the box so it will fit in most backpacks. This makes the sluice a very small package and very easy to transport.

Box Information:
This box will fold up to only 28 inches long and is less then 7 Lbs. Its little brother is only 24 inches long. See my other sales. Both Sluices have 16 1/2 inch wide funnels, which can be placed inside the box for backpacking. This makes the box only 10 5/8 inches wide box, plus about 1 inch for the cross pins. Which can also be removed and placed inside the box.

MATERIALS: Body, Funnel, Riffle and Cross Bars are Aluminum. The Strap is Nylon.

Spare Parts:
This box also comes with a few spare parts. Parts List: (1) Plastic Bag, (2) Flat Washers, (2) Wing Nuts and (2) Rod Keepers. I know you will not loose them, because I am giving you spares. I believe in Murphys Law, If you got it. you will not need it.


Testimonial Received 2-14-05I have had your long sluice for about a year now. I am well pleased and find that I have gotten more gold out of the Mother Lode, hour by hour, with my Wolf Trap Sluice Box than with a Keene. You may use me as a happy reference. Dr. Steve Bookout, Newton, Iowa


Testimonial Received 4-22-07

Testimonial Received From Jerry Odom; Colorado Springs, CO. 4-22-07

Hi, I am from Colorado and have been prospecting for gold over 25 years. One thing is certain; there is more FINE gold than the big stuff especially here in Colorado. I bet that may be true B>whereveryou may be prospecting. A standard sluice box use raised riffles, which make the water {plus the fine gold}go up and over the riffles. This simply speeds up the water and makes it extremely hard to capture the fine gold behind their riffles and then most of it goes out the bottom end. The WOLF TRAP changed all that while applying a simple theory. Fine gold, as it moves down a stream is looking for a slower, wider pool of water so it can drop to the bottom. The WOLF TRAP box and riffles are below where the dirt and water enter which, One, It does not speed up the water, Two, It gives the fine gold a place to settle just like it naturally would in a stream. The riffle design itself is really flexible as you can flip-flop the riffles depending on the speed of the stream you are working. Based on what I have seen using a standard sluice box next to a WOLF TRAP, the WOLF TRAP wins hands down with fine gold recovery with the standard sluice losing about 65-75% more of fine gold (the test consisted of running 5 five gallon buckets of dirt thru each sluice, sitting next to each other with the same angle, then pan what each sluice caught, then panning the tailing of each. Not scientific, but darn close to what you can expect). If you are going to be out there, why not get more gold. I whole-heartily recommend the WOLF TRAP and I think you will be very happy at clean up time. Jerry Odom, Mountain Man Discount Store, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Testimonial from Jack Reeves; Vancouver, Washington 3-28-09

Wolf your sluice box came today and I immediately tested it against my old box. I used a known quantity of fine and flake LEAD for gold. And your box captured nearly 100% of the flake and fine "gold" while my sluice lost about 30%. The big dust catcher was the dead end box at the "out" end. I also had the expanded metal in the old box and had no idea how much color was escaping. I’m going to see my son in Nevada County Cal. in a couple weeks and will send you an update on how this works for me looking for the real stuff. Thanks for taking the extra time building me your best box!! It was worth the wait.


+++++ No Hands Needed to Carry +++++
You can CARRY IT ON YOUR BACK, By using the carrying strap. This willLEAVE YOUR HANDS FREE to carry other stuff, or ride a Motorcycle, Bike, Horse or whatever.

EASY & QUICK CLEAN UP: The end fits into a 5 gallon or a 3 1/2 gallon pail.
We suggest that you clean up once an hour.
The suction of this riffle is so high that you can expect to see 1 1/2 inches + of concentrate in your pail every time you clean up.
The recovery of very fine fines is so high that you will probably need to purchase a good gold wheel to recover most of them. 200 mesh or finer is not uncommon. Also please take note: After use let the carpet get good and dry. Back fold it and tap it on the backside to remove any gold still stuck in it. Do this over a tray or washtub. I have seen over a 1/8 oz of gold recovered this way. (This of course depends on how much and how rich your material was.)

--++-- GOLD FEVER SHOWS --++--

Tom Massie owns three of my Sluice Boxes. He has both Standard and Long Sluices.


For more information, A set of instructions or photos you can E-Mail me.

PACKING AND SHIPPING: Is only $21.25 in USA (Lower 48 States ONLY). PLEASE TAKE NOTE: THE FLAT RATE SHIPPING IS ONLY FOR THE LOWER 48 STATES. Alaska and Hawaii ARE NOT PART OF THE LOWER 48 STATES. IT COST MORE TO SEND THERE a lot more. I can not afford the extra expense of sending there, you must pay it not me. Anywhere else will be actual costs plus $6.00. ***+++--- If you also wish to buy a GRAVEL SCOOP at the same time, Just add $8.50 shipping not $19.50 as listed in the Scoop sales.

PAYMENT: With PayPals, box well ship within 5 business days or sooner after payment has cleared my bank, not when it clears PayPals, or if you use a Regular Check there is up to a 14 day hold from deposit or untill it clears my bank which usually comes first. -- ALL PAYMENTS MUST CLEAR MY BANK BEFORE THE ITEM IS SHIPPED. -- I do make exception to this quite offen for people. -- Clearing PayPals does not mean it has cleared my bank. It only means that PayPals has recieved the payment, not me.

You may be able to buy a Inferior Sluice Box for less.
Do you really want a Inferior Sluice Box?



How much Gold do you want to find?

A little or a lot?


I have caught up on my stock of all sizes of the new Sluice Boxes. The increase in the price of gold has just made my dealer sales increace about 20 fold. I am again working on a New Standard Wolf Trap Mining Dry Washers and Gravel Scoops again. I am building as fast as I can. So please bear with me, I will not make a inferior Box to get them out quicker. I want all of you to get a sluice as good as What was shipped in the past. I feel you all deserve the best box I can produce. And I do not expect to send you anything less. I know that you are all happy that I won't take short cuts to get boxes out. I have Designed and Hand Crafted all of my sluices boxes. I do not have a production line like others do. Thank you again .


I have retired from my Old Regular Job that kept me away from home and now have more time to make Sluices. So shipping should be much quicker then in the past. As of today I have sluices ready to ship as soon as your payment clears my bank account.


The Best May Seem to Cost a Little More

But It Is Always Worth It.


I will leave you a good response, after I have received the same from you.

Wolf Trap Sluice Box Lg, Folds, Adj Riffle, Prospecting, Placer Gold Mining *:

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