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Wonderful Weller 1928 Forest Hanging Basket~~vibrant Colors~~sharp Mold~~nice For Sale

Wonderful Weller 1928 Forest Hanging Basket~~vibrant Colors~~sharp Mold~~nice

Fabulous find! Weller FOREST hanging basket, ca. 1928,goes to the high buyer with NO chips or cracks and only the smallest glaze flake inside, on one of the three hangerholes. You can see it in picture 4, on the hole to the left.There's a dark green paint swipe on the rim----totally factory--and another blemish inside that looks like someone gripped therim when the interior green wash was still damp. The mold is extra sharp and deep, which created glaze misses in the leaves, whichare visible in the pictures, but especially in picture 8, posted to show where the yellow clay beneath is exposed. Super crisp colors, from the blue skies to cinnamon colored tree trunks. Measures 7.75" across and 3" high. Unmarked except for the number 11 inside the bowl (a common mark to Weller Forest patterns) but a Weller collector won't need a mark to know the real thing. Sorry, no chain, but it looks like this bowl was never hung, as there's no wear around the holes. Gorgeous piece, with the crispest mold I've ever seen on a Forest pattern. Shipped within five business days of receiving payment, which will include delivery confirmation and insurance. I mostly accept Paypal, but other forms of payment (cks or MOs) are OK, too. Please read the fine print below---it will explain how I run my sales---but don't hesitate to email with any questions if I haven't covered them in my 'stuff to read'. Thanks for lookin'!

Please take a minute to read my rants and raves...

All of what I sell is old, so buyers should keep in mind that an item might have some imperfections which are normal and characteristic of old stuff. I try to catch every flaw, but I'm not perfect and can sometimes miss something. I prefer not to take returns, but will always try to work with a high buyer to resolve any issues. Going back to starting my sales at $9.99, which merely keeps listing fees down and in NO way means that I'm selling reproduction crap. I'm not a professional, and don't pretend to be, so I welcome "kind" comments with a smile and get rid of the rest. I don't "fluff" a description to cover any flaws, as that's messing with karma, and we all know that karma can get you at any time. I try to be easy to work with and am honest to a fault, so accusations of 'funny stuff' will land you a prime spot on my blocked buyers list. I try to give you the lowest shipping rate available, and shipping is combined whenever possible, but I won't pack cast iron with pottery, so don't even ask! Remember--I have a 5-business day window for shipping, but if I anticipate a delay, I'll let you know. PLEASE WAIT FOR AN INVOICE. Shipping discounts are given when labels are printed online, and I can pass along those discounts only if the high buyer waits for my invoice. The USPS has recently changed its PARCEL POST shipping to PARCEL SELECT, and online labels for Parcel Select only, with any discounts, won't be available until March. International offers are welcome, but anything over 4 pounds costs an arm and a leg to ship, so I'd suggest emailing for shipping charges before you offer. I normally don't refund shipping costs for returned items, but there are exceptions to every rule, and if I find I've screwed up royally, you'll get it all back. I don't buy new packing material (think RECYCLE), but will be happy to buy new supplies for anybody who wants them--just let me know and I'll add the Staples bill to your invoice. I feel I do a good packing job, but have no control over the USPS drop-and-kick method of testing secure packages, so insurance is a gotta-have. And this is so important: IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANY PART OF OUR TRANSACTION, PLEASE EMAIL ME SO IT CAN BE RESOLVED BEFORE YOU LEAVE NEGATIVE response!!! To recap: please check the sale descriptions, don't pay till you get an invoice, ask questions and email with concerns. I love communication, check my email daily and do my best to address problems the same day I get them. Whew! Think that's about it.

On Apr-21-13 at 11:28:47 PDT, seller added the following information:


Wonderful Weller 1928 Forest Hanging Basket~~vibrant Colors~~sharp Mold~~nice

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Wonderful Weller 1928 Forest Hanging Basket~~vibrant Colors~~sharp Mold~~nice:

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