X10 Home Automation Computer Controlled Starter Kit

X10 Home Automation Computer Controlled Starter Kit

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X10 Home Automation Computer Controlled Starter Kit:

Monitor is not included.
Give your home a brain by controlling lights & appliances from your PCX10 ActiveHome Starter Kit * Standard ground
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What we're about to share with you is a huge Home Automation industry secret. It's something everyone has dreamed about at one time or another. The thing is, many technology companies want you to believe it costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to control your home by remote or computer. We're here to tell you the REAL TRUTH behind Home Control.It's no longer reserved for just the rich and famous. Revolutionary Home Control is now available to EVERYONE! And when we say everyone, we mean it...Today we are making available The World Famous ActiveHome PC Home Automation System at A LOW PRICE!Order today and within just a few minutes, you will be controlling and scheduling your home from your computer and a whole lot more! This is revolutionary...

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ActiveHome Software

ActiveHome software is the backbone of your PC controlled home automation system. It's powerful, fun, and easy to learn and use. The drag and drop interface makes it accessible to anyone and is very feature-rich.

ActiveHome allows you to program and automate your X10 modules in every room of your home using simple on-screen controllers and timers. Just select the module you would like to automate then drag it to your Room for programming.

As a matter of fact, ActiveHome allows you to create unlimited Rooms and program an unlimited number of possible scenarios in each one of them. For example, you can set a timer on your kids bedroom lights to go out at 9pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. Setup a timer on the living room lights to turn on as soon as the sun goes down to make it seems like you're home even when you're not.

In addition to timing your lights to go off and on, ActiveHome can also automate your X10 cameras, appliances modules, and security modules.

Plug the Wireless Transceiver into a wall outlet, plug the black PC Transceiver into your computer, create the settings you want with a couple clicks of your mouse and you're done! The settings will be stored on your PC!

The CM19A USB Transceiver

It's pretty amazing what this little black box can do, . It literally lets your PC talk to your home and it's no bigger than a Post It pad.

The TM751 Wireless Transceiver Module

This powerful module interacts with your PC USB Transceiver and every other X10 module in your home and brings your home to life. ActiveHome sends commands through the CM19A to the TM751 then the TM751 sends commands to any or all of the X10 modules in your home. Picture the TM751 Transceiver as being the middle man in your X10 system receiving and sending signals to the appropriate modules.

Expand you X10 System

Other than allowing your PC to control your home, you can use wireless remotes, plug-in controllers, light switches, and motion sensors such as the HR12A Wireless Remote, the MC10A Plug-in Controller, the SS13A Light Switch and the MS16A Motion Sensor.

The Possibilities

Using an AM486 appliance module and ActiveHome, program your coffee maker to turn on and make a pot of coffee at 6am every weekday.

Using an MS16A Motion Sensor, LM15A Socket Rocket and ActiveHome you can turn on your porch light by simply walking up the steps on your porch and avoid fumbling for keys in the dark. This can also be set to operate only during the night hours.

Turn on the porch light at night with a click, dim the lights with a click to set the mood, turn off all the downstairs lights before bed at night without actually going downstairs, turn on your home's lights and start the coffee pot in the morning as you check your email or read the news online and more. Or even better, create the perfect morning setting, so you wake to the lights gently fading on, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and your favorite news station coming on. Keep in mind, this is all without you getting out of bed or even lifting a finger! You create the settings once and ActiveHome Pro will do the rest. The only limit is your imagination!

Warranty: 1 year

*Control your you lights and appliances from your PC

Save money and energy - set your lights/appliances on energy-conserving schedules

Keep your home safe - randomly turn your lights, radios, and TVs on and off while on vacation

Let your home run itself - set it in Lifestyle Mode, and it will memorize your actions and repeat them

Expand and modify your system with as many more remotes and light/appliance modules as you want Easy do-it-yourself setup


X10 Product No.: CM19A What's Included:

(1) X10 USB PC Transceiver

Requirements: PC running Windows ® 95 OSR 2.1 with USB support, or Windows 98. Power Supply: 5V DC (USB bus powered) Downloads: Product
Manual Download
Free Software

IMPORTANT: DO NOT plug the CM19A into your PC until you install the X10


X10 Product No.: TM751 What's Included: (1) X10 Transceiver Module Expansion:


Compatibility: Works with X10's line of IR/RF remote controls and PIR motion sensors; rated for 500W incandescent bulbs Resistive Load:

15 amps

Motor Load: 1/3 HP Downloads: Product Manual

Be careful to have only one RF base unit or X10 security console (which also change RF signals into X10 signals for the electricity line) per house code. If more than one base unit is used on the same house code, X10 signal collisions may result.

One (1) Wireless PC Transceiver (CM19A)
One (1) ActiveHome Professional Software (SW31A)
One (1) Small Wireless Transceiver (TM751)

ActiveHome Add-Ons These optional X10 products can enhance your X10 experience and enable you to add additional functionality, like remote control, timed functions, motion sensor triggers, computer control and much more.We are trying to make X10 as simple to understand as possible, click here to learn more or feel free to email us with questions.
Let ActiveHome dim your lights for you at certain times of the day. This module makes it all possible. Get Hands free lighting control. Along with ActiveHome, the AM466 can be used to turn appliances off and on at specific times of the day. It works well with coffee makers. These motion sensor modules, coupled with ActiveHome unlock a whole new deminsion of possibilities only limited by your imagination. Automate your fluorescent lights with the XPS3 and ActiveHome. Strictly on/off, they work with a wide variety of lighting types. This wall switch allows you to dim your lights. Using ActiveHome, you can program this switch to turn on/off and dim at any time of the day. An instant upgrade to any X10 system and works well with ActiveHome.
Instantly control over 200 x10 modules. Enjoy the light dimming feature. Dim or turn on/off the lights in any room, at any time. Using ActiveHome Macros you can program these modules to control your entire home. This handy device is very useful when arriving and leaving your home. It helps build a sense of safety. Never enter a dark house again!

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X10 Home Automation Computer Controlled Starter Kit:

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