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saleThe Yoruba people are the largest art producing ethnic group in Africa, and are renowned for their copious forms of artwork. A largely agrarian society, the Yoruba are distributed throughout Nigeria, Togo, and Benin, and number in the range of 12 million people. Their artistic interpretations of people are generally rendered in a realistic style, minus the exaggerated facial features, in contrast with many other African tribes which produce highly stylized, even surrealistic or impressionistic representations of the human form. A highly popular art-producing group among collectors, the Yoruba are known for their numerous and elaborate art forms as much as for their history of human sacrifice.
The Yoruba culture is subdivided into a number of cults, each identified by particular thing it holds sacred. This mask originates from the Gelede cult, which focuses its attention on the power of elderly women. During Gelede festivities helmet masks such as these are worn on or over the head with a raffia costume, and danced in reverence and celebration. On the 'cheeks' of the face are large identifying scarification marks. It still has most of its original pigment, including white (kaolin), green, etc. Color of the pigment is faded in some areas, but still represented strongly for the most part, and the piece stands well on its own without support. Wear and age marks are in evidence as is common, including minor age cracking, rub marks, etc., but the piece does not appear to have undergone any serious breaks or repairs. This is a beautiful, prominent, eye catching standalone piece, and a highly coveted artform from the Yoruba culture!
This piece measures in at 10.5" x 10.5" x 11", with a weight of three and a halfpounds.

MEDIUM: Wood, Pigment

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Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask, Nigeria, African Tribal Creations Gallery, Art, Yorba

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Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask, Nigeria, African Tribal Creations Gallery, Art, Yorba: