Zenith 5s327 Rare, Antique Old Vintage Wood Tube Radio. Restored. Works

Zenith 5s327 Rare, Antique Old Vintage Wood Tube Radio. Restored. Works

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Zenith 5s327 Rare, Antique Old Vintage Wood Tube Radio. Restored. Works:



Country of Manufacture: United States of America

Year of Manufacture: 1939

Super-Heterodyne; 5 tubes (6A8,6K7,6Q7,6K6, 6X5); Broadcast and Short Wave Bands; Alternating Current @ 115 VAC;45 Watts; Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS Speaker with moving coil and field excitation coil diameter 5”and 3 Watts output; Chassis model 5529; Wooden Cabinet 13” x 12” x7.4” (Approx)

The radio model, with the gold race track dial, was originally manufactured in 1939 by the Zenith Radio Corporation in Chicago, IL. USA and is getting hard to find. This “Tombstone” model has the unique gold racetrack dial found in only a few Zenith models, all of which were manufactured in 1939 and, in addition to this model, included 2 other table models, (5S319, 5S320) and a chair side model (5S339). The radio has 5 tubes and tuned on two frequency bands – AM Broadcast and Shortwave. The radio also features 5 pushbutton selected “Automatic” frequencies that are owner set within the two operating bands. The four knobs are the original Zenith “Z” knobs and are in good condition. These knobs control: ON/OFF-Volume; Frequency Tuning; Tone and Automatic/Broadcast/Shortwave settings.

This radio has been restored electrically using modern components and a full electrical alignment has been completed. All wax paper capacitors have been replaced and all resistors have been checked for correct values and any found out of specified range have been replaced. The tuning capacitor has been cleaned and the dial mechanism cleaned and lubricated. All tubes have been tested and any bad or weak tubes have been replaced. A new power cord has been installed. Lastly, the 6X5 rectifier tube, which has a reputation for shorting in service and taking out the power transformer in the process, has been replaced with a solid state set of diodes and a voltage dropping power resistor has been installed to reduce the incoming AC voltage from today’s 120+ Volts to approximately 115 Volts which is the voltage the radio and its components were designed for.

In addition to the full electrical restoration, the cabinet has been carefully restored using several coats of premium lacquer and toners to bring it back to a finish state that is pleasing yet still reflecting the age of the radio. The front bezel, dial glass, knobs and pushbuttons are original. The knobs and buttons have been cleaned of dirt and grime accumulated during their lifetimes. The bezel has also been cleaned leaving the 70+ year old patina it’s earned. The dial glass is clean and clear. The grille cloth has been replaced with a cloth matching the original.

This is a beautiful radio from the “Golden Age” of broadcasting and worthy of a special place in anyone’s collection.

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Zenith 5s327 Rare, Antique Old Vintage Wood Tube Radio. Restored. Works:

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