C. 1927 Original Glass Plate Negative - Babe Ruth Yankees Batting

C. 1927 Original Glass Plate Negative -  Babe Ruth Yankees Batting

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C. 1927 Original Glass Plate Negative - Babe Ruth Yankees Batting :

c. 1927 Original GLASS PLATE NEGATIVE - BABE RUTH Yankees BATTING ! Starting offer 99 cents !!! .... Absolutely !!!


The RUTHIAN Stance !

Offered is an OUTSTANDING, vintage circa 1927 ORIGINAL Glass Plate Negative featuring Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees. Baseball's biggest draw is captured here with his booming bat during the height of the Yankee Dynasty as he showcases his batting stance for the camera. Historians have said that Ruth modeled his swing after fellow left-handed batter, Shoeless Joe Jackson. However, the Black Sox star success came from a wider batter stance in which he put the bulk of his weight on his rear left foot, and aimed his right shoulder at the pitcher, resulting in an almost propeller-like motion as he swung. Babe altered things somewhat by keeping his feet closer together, which gave him a quicker pivot to work from. Beginning his upward cut with his back almost to the pitcher, he would twist around as the ball came in, giving his wrist an extra twist just as he made contact. Ruth's mechanics generated godlike power that was never seen before at the time as he single-handedly change the landscape of the National Game, ushering in the 'live ball' era.

The glass plate negative measures 4" x 5" and is "ONE-of-a-KIND". It has been preserved in remarkable excellent condition with absolutely no cracks or chips. It is capable of producing unlimited prints of any size with excellent contrast and razor SHARP clarity. For illustrative purposes in presenting this for sale, we have attempt to scan the negative using a film scanner for a visual of the positive. An actual photo developed from this negative through a traditional dark room chemical process will be far superior to the image seen below.

To our knowledge, this is a RARE image from the height of Ruth's power that was never published. The "YANKEES" team name on the front of his road uniform was only worn between the years 1927-1930. The shot of the Babe was taken at Comiskey Park as the background captures the distinctive cavities of the lower grandstand's back wall. Glass plate negatives are rare today simply because they are fragile. They preceded photographic film as a means of photography in the early 20th Century. Glass plate negatives consist of a light-sensitive emulsion of silver salts applied to one side. This form of photographic material largely faded from the industry by the early 1930's as more convenient and less fragile films were introduced to studio and press photographers. To find one of Ruth is a prize and this magnificent GEM will serve as a cornerstone piece in any photographic collection.

(BONUS: also included with the original glass plate negative is a beautiful 11" x 14" enlargement that was made in a professional photo lab on extremely high-quality fiber stock).

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C. 1927 Original Glass Plate Negative - Babe Ruth Yankees Batting :

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