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C1930s Antique "very Rare" Persian Qome Rug 3.7x4.6 Very Unusualltusg And Design For Sale

C1930s Antique

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Qum rugs are woven in workshops of Qum, a city of northwest central Iran. Since rug production did not begin in Qum until about seventy years ago in 1930s, Qum doesn't have any traditional designs of its own. Qum weavers prefer to weave the most favorable designs of other Persian weaving groups and sometimes Caucasian weaving groups and adjusting these designs to their own taste. It is possible for Qum rugs to be mistaken with Kashan or Esfahan rugs. However, they will not be mistaken with Tabriz rugs because Qum, Kashan and Esfahan rugs are woven with the asymmetric (Persian) knot and Tabriz rugs are woven with the symmetric (Turkish) knot. All silk, part silk/part wool, and kork (fine wool taken from the belly of sheep) Qum rugs are very well-known in Iran and abroad. The foundation of Qum rugs could be either cotton or silk. Most Qum rugs have curvilinear patterns, and very elaborate floral motifs with intricate leaves and vines. As mentioned above the designs are varied, taken from different weaving groups. Some designs used in Qum rugs consist of vase, moharramaat, mir-i-boteh, zell-i sultan, panelled garden, hunting, tree-of-life, pictorial, Shah Abbassi melallion-and-corner with usually a circular medallion, all-over Shah Abbasi, medallion with open field, medallions resembling the famous Esfahan Sheikh Lotfollah medallion, prayer and all-over gul farangi (roses).


1930sANTIQUE HANDWOVEN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN SALE...........GORGEOUS"VERY RARE PICTORAL" QOME PERSIAN RUG(SACRIFIAL LESS THAN COST PRICE SALE)........with exact size of 3.7x4.6 ft...........natural dye Wool woven on cotton foundation made to last for decades to come......This Qom Rug's Background is very simliar and delibaretely weaved to seem like a Kilim......Very difficult to weave such a piece, would normally take over 6 months to complete and require much deidcation and craftsmanship in order to complete to such a beautiful and high standard as this exceptional piece is........the Flower dipictions on this piece have piles and the wool piles have been hand knotted and deliberately done in such a way as to present a 3D (Three Dimensional) weave which is extremely unique.........Field of this carper is all flat weave pile.....a Wonderful Piece to be added to any Persian Rug Collection.............Colour's include Etc....over a Gorgeously detialed Background ......A MUCH SOUGHT AFTER DESIGN AND RARE RUG.......Perfect conditionmedium even pile throughout. Sides and edges complete and perfectly original.No stains,No odor,No repair, the most beautiful and finely woven Bijars...THE MOST GORGEOUS RUG.....VERY PRETTYRUG VERY PRETTY DESIGN a Must See.EXTREMELY HEAVY AND WILL LAY ABSOLUTELY FLAT...TREAT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE AND WILL LAST FOR DECADES......Definitely a must see....ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN FIND AUTHENTIC PERSIAN BIJAR RUGS OFFERDAT LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE......HERE @ LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE....COMPARE AND YOU'll BE BACK......ONE TIME OFFER, WHEN IT'S GONE IT'S GONE!!!!




we do not set a reserve price on our rugs and allow the market to set value on our sale style sales.shipping and handeling (packageing,employee's,delivery to courier Etc..) on this item is FREE in U.S. except for hawaii and alaska,be sure to view our other items on because we do combine shipping for total of 20% discount on total combined shipping...Insurance is free only up to the last offer amount or sell price Any extra insurance buyer is responsible to Request...NY state buyers add 8.375% sales TAX......


Please ask all questions before offerding...We sell all rug's on as is and do not repair or clean them unless they need moth treatment which we will treat prior to adding them to our sale.If you need repair quote please email us..We try to answer all emails as soon as possible,but some times especially on weekends we might be out on antique hunt (estate sales..etc.)to offer them to you on ,or might just have technical diffeculty with our computer,all in all we do appreciate your visiting our items on and especially your questions and we appologize for our lateness and any inconvenience this might cause and we'll answer ASAP...Thank You

We're a third generation rug dealers buying and selling fine oriental rugs here in New York for more then two decades.were three brothers who handle all aspects of this business traveling often and far into old citys and villages and estates to find these magnifisant RARE items offered to you here on we also do try to buy antiques on ,we handle all professional repair(over casting worn ends, professionaly repairing any holes,tears,and removal of stains and dust and dirt build up of hand made rugs)AND WE OFFER GOOD QUALITY PADDING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AT $2.00 PER SQUARE FOOT..our father migrated to U.S. in 1978 and our familly followed bringing with us the knowledge and keen eye for rare antiqueties (RUGS,BAGS,TAPESTRY's......)and were proud to stand by our great salesmanship and customer satisfaction, because our father always said "REPUTATION IS LIKE A RUG WITH OUT PROPER CARE IT WILL BE DESTROYED".And we believe just that because your never a star with out fans and would not be in business for this long with out happy customers considering 95% of our business is referal based. Just look at our repeat buyer feed back.Please do not forget to add us to your favorite seller list.Thanks again

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C1930s Antique

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C1930s Antique "very Rare" Persian Qome Rug 3.7x4.6 Very Unusualltusg And Design:

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