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Mc Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Becca Navy Bow Tee 4 For Sale

Mc Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Becca Navy Bow Tee 4

mc Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Becca Navy Bow Tee 4

Cute tee from Matilda Jane size 4 -No stains wear, or pill. Some extremely light overall fade.

*Thanks to all my buyers for their patience during our move! Due to the move I am extremely backed up with listing and will be listing TONS of great stuff in the next few weeks. Prompt payment is greatly appreciated so I can unload all the spring and summer in a timely fashion. Because I am spending most of my waking minutes working on or chauffeuring my children around, it make take a few days to answer questions. In addition I cannot provide measurements at this time, I apologize in advance.*


A word about my ratings for used clothing:

No stains, fade, pill or wear means exactly that. That there are no stains, the item is not far off from the original color, no pill or washwear means the surface of the fabric is very close to what it was when new. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS LIKE NEW. Do not expect like new if an item is rated this way, ALL used clothes will have been obviously worn, but almost all my items are GENTLY worn. If something is LIKE NEW and looks NEW then I will say that, but if it does not say like new, do not expect that. Many high end brand PIN their tags on with safety pins - please be aware of that - just because an item has a tag pinned on does not mean it is not new or has been retagged. Please familiarize yourself with the boutique brands that use safety pins and not plastic tagging systems. *Initials in the title of each item are simply my own way of tracking my clients items and do not have anything to do with the item itself, you can disregard the lowercase initials in the title!*

To ensure a smooth transaction please read the following details - contact me with any questions.


My home is smoke FREE. We rescued two tiny kittens and they are now living the good life with us! My own childrens clothing is hung up directly from the wash and is never laid in piles or baskets for the cats to have access to. My clients clothing is ALWAYS stored in closed rubber bins with lids or XXL zipper style plastic bags. All these items are stored in a dedicated room that the cats are not allowed to be in. Clients are all smoke free, some may have pets - please move along if a stray hair will upset you as I cannot guarantee that I can remove every single pet hair although I do try.

I inspect all my items meticulously for flaws, however I am human and may miss tiny things. Please remember condition is subjective, ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO offerDING. I do not offer PARTIAL REFUNDS *PERIOD* Please remember when offerding that unless stated, you are offerding on used clothing and it has been worn - if you require new clothing check out my new with tags sales for a truly new purchase.

If you need to contact me about an issue or problem, PLEASE remember I am a person with feelings and a life to deal with off which includes three VERY busy children, I appreciate kind communication, I am not a robot, a store, or a faceless entity.

Be sure to check out my other sales listed and my STORE LISTINGS, I will be adding new listings constantly and am happy to hold items for up to one week in order to combine shipping on multiple wins!

***The children in modeled photos are either my children, or the children of my clients. I also sell for a few boutique store owners - I am using their stock photos and modeled pictures with their permission, please do not take photos without asking - thank you!***

See my other listings for more great items!

I prefer payment via Paypal and ask that you send payment within FOUR days after sale end. Items that are not paid for in a timely manner will be promptly relisted - I always pay for the sales I win and I expect the same out of my buyers. I am an easy person to work with and fully understand when a problem with payment arises, however good AND POLITE communication from you and a DATE you will pay and FOLLOW THROUGH OF PAYMENT will ensure a good outcome. PLEASE remember that if you pay via echeck through Paypal I MUST wait until it clears before it even gives me the option to ship your item. For rapid shipment do NOT pay via echeck!


For spring I will be shipping primarily via first class - with first class shipping on light items I am able to ship for a lower cost to you. I do add a fee for packaging materials and my thermal printer labels for first class. These are NON NEGOTIABLE and VERY REASONABLE compared to other sellers. I LOVE to combine shipping - it saves YOU money and saves me time and packaging materials - please advise me if you are still offerding so that I can set your already won items aside for you. For combined shipments I charge by weight for PRIORITY according to the USPS website, I do not add additional money per each item won, you will pay what USPS charges me to ship - I do not overcharge on shipping!! I will happily cram as much as can fit into a medium or large flat rate box - you pay only what USPS charges me to ship it! Remember, it must fit into the box in order to qualify - I do whatever I can to save shipping costs for you as I hate to pay excess shipping myself! I ship from home on a daily basis. Depending on what time of day your payment is received it will either go out SAME DAY or next business day. Please note that if you are on the West Coast, that in some cases two first class shipments may save money over the combined priority rate - therefore it is NOT GUARANTEED that combined shipments will be less than the cost listed for separate shipments!

*Payment kindly requested within 4 days. now allows sellers to file for an unpaid item after FOUR DAYS.
*Condition is subjective, I do my best to describe. Items will not magically become new while en route via USPS so please do not expect items to be better than I say they are.

*Please ask all questions prior to offerding.
*Please read entire listings before offerding, I am not responsible for your purchase if you do not read the listing and miss pertinent information.
*No partial refunds, returns are accepted but please read my terms. AGAIN, NO PARTIAL REFUNDS PERIOD. You can thank the dishonest buyers out there for this policy. Return shipping and original shipping is the buyer's responsibility for returns unless item is extremely misrepresented.

*I sell kids clothes, to be worn by KIDS, not framed and hung in the Louvre ;)

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Mc Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Becca Navy Bow Tee 4

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Mc Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Becca Navy Bow Tee 4:

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