Tattoo Machine,flash,vintage,old,rare,antique,thomas Edison,electric Pen,early

Tattoo Machine,flash,vintage,old,rare,antique,thomas Edison,electric Pen,early

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Tattoo Machine,flash,vintage,old,rare,antique,thomas Edison,electric Pen,early:


hello, once again i have a wild hair to sell some of the extras and less wanted pieces in my collection. all things i sell are original. they are not copies, or redues ulness otherwise stated in my listing. i am making more money for other goodies in the collection. i sell what i have until its gone before listing other stuff. some things i have multiple of, others i have only the one. i will not metion this in the listing so offer as you will and like you want this bad boy with conviction. have a ton of awesome stuff and if you are looking to part with a frysco flyer or a rodgers v, i have much to show you.

So start saving up your tattoo money, sell the excess stuff you no longer want, hit the bank, cause I am getting rid of 95% of my museum!!! that's right, its going til its gone. selling all kinds of other awesome stuff too. so get some offerding money ready cause there is awesome stuff to come. offer like its the last time you will see this stuff cause I might just be.

this is the last one of these. had two, just sold one, this is it. super rare.this is a brand new, never used "REPLICA" of a thomis Edisonstencil penmachinepatent #196,747 from 1877. this was a machine like the electric pen, that was used originally for making perforated stimple holes in a velum or heavy cardboard in order to make it easy for mass production of a paper of information. you would write what you wanted on the master, trace over with this machine, then lay the master you must poked over your paper and with an ink roller, you would roll over the master like screen printing and bam, instant copy. the worlds first on the go, easy to transport copy machine. these back in the day were relative to todays cost at $ 11,000.00 and made many of men back then the talk of town. ha ha. tattoo artist always having the inventing mind and since there were no easy to get supply companines for goods, we had to invent, look around, test, use scarry stuff on ourselves, etc etc, in order to move the industry forward. some crazy tattoo guys started using these things for tattooing and blowing away the early hand poke completion. this machine and the electric pen rotary (the earliest one) are literally what started the revolution of electric tattooing. this machine is NOT an original but made to exact specs of the original off the patent for its building and use. even as a replica, these are pretty damn holy grail for tattoo collectors and artist. if you are to buy one of these that is original or the electric pen, they go for about 25-35k depending on how nice they are and complete. so I believe this is a great start for this machine and your offerding.good luck and hot damn to the person that gets this bad boy for the case.

Please read my entire description before offerding. Thank you.


I will not shop to china and any Russian or former soviet union locations due to high amount of problems and scammers I have had to deal with.

If you are interested in this item but it is too high in price, if it does not sell, I will try and find a price better for your needs. However, once a first offer is tossed in, I will not do any special deals.


These items are used and found at a thrift store or antique shop for the most part. Only few of these items are new. As being used, all items are sold as is. Nothing is absolutely perfect. But most you’d have to fine tooth comb over to find something wrong. Thank you.

PAYPAL ONLY!!! Please do not ask if I will accept any other form of payment. If you do, your email will not be responded to. I am tired of scams.I don’t care if you are not a scammer, Paypal Only.

Shipping: Shipping is done on the Tuesday after you pay for the item. If you pay Monday night, etc, it may not go out that Tuesday. I will combine shipping cost on multiple items.

Payment is due within 72 hours of the end of the sale. Do not wait to pay after this time. If you cannot pay within this time, don’t offer. You will have 5 days during the sale being listed, plus the 3 days after to acquire the funds. There should be no problems.

If you are new to then know this: When you buy an item I have to wait for you to pay for the item before I can even think about shipping it. I also do not have large sums of money sitting around for shipping. This means that if you pay for an item, I have to transfer funds into a bank account to acquire the money for the post office to ship your item. Money transfers can take 3-5 business days depending on each situation according to the bank and . I also do not go to the post office every day or more than once a day. This means that I will wait for the bulk of my payments to come in before I set any action into motion. I sell about many items every time I list. This means that you are not my ONLY customer. Please be patient with acquiring your item. It will come.

Questions: If you have any questions about an item, it is up to you to ask about it. I describe them as best as I can. Questions asked hours before the end time is up might not get answered. I do not live on my computer so last minute questions can go unanswered.

If you don’t intend to pay for the item, don’t effin offer. It is not a game of who wins the number crunch, it is a business. Don’t ruin the whole experience and trust agreement.

Your items will be shipped out, don’t freak out. My response speaks for itself. If you offer near a holiday, don’t complain about shipping time. The post office will tell you that holidays can slow the shipping process down substantially.

If the item you are offerding on is a gift, don’t expect me to know this. I offer and sell year round regardless of holiday or gift giving times. I assume other do too. If you need this item for a gift tomorrow, please do not offer. I don’t like rush jobs and frantic buyers freaking out.

If you give me the wrong address to ship to like a business instead of a home etc, I will not be at fault for shipping it there. I ship to whatever list as your shipping address. I will not re-ship for free if it goes to the wrong place. I will not refund cost of item either if it gets sent back and you don’t want to ship back to you.

Understand that almost all of the items I am selling are used. I bought them at garage sales, antique stores, thrift stores, or got as a gift from friends or clients of the past. This means that the item may have some damage or may look or be used in some way. I sell all items as is. I don’t always notice every tiny scratch, crack, or ding in an item. I am not trying to doop you or take advantage of you. I am selling these things on no differently than I would at my own garage sale. If you have any questions about the specifics of an item please ask. I will guarantee that most items will have some minor to slightly larger design flaw. The things I am selling however, are not with major damage or destruction. If they have substantial damage that I can see right off the bat, I will let you know in the description. Some times stuff slips through the cracks or happens during shipping.

If I am shipping fragile items that are not insured by you the buyer, I will not be liable for damage upon arrival. I pack things with plenty of safe packing. The problem is that the U.S. post office and other worldly

Postal services don’t always care about every package they handle cause of the hundreds of packages they deal with daily. This is lame, but true. I have seen and heard about these things first hand. Please request shipping ins. If you want it. Otherwise I will ship it without.

I will usually ship out of country but it will cost more. There is more paper work, hassle, and shipping is more for the distance and weight.

Please do not feel the need to inform me about an item unless I ask. Either I already know and didn’t list it, or I just don’t care. I am selling this item and don’t care to have it anymore. I know your information could possibly help it sell better, but after 10 people email me with the same facts of uselessness, I don’t care anymore.

Your item will come. Do not write me impatient, rude, swear word comments or disrespect my family or me. I will write you back rude comments too. This is a computer and we are responsible for our actions even if you are not face to face with me. I will NEVER start any computer slander, but I will also not allow it to happen to me without repercussion. I find that people bark louder when there are no consequences, please do not be this person. I have always sent out the items, and will continue to do so. I have sent out every single item I have ever sold, even if occasionally they are late for human error or accident.

I will communicate with all people. However I have found that some emails go to my email not . I check more often than my actual email address. So if it takes longer to get to you, it is probably because your questions have gone to the wrong address. I don’t know why this happens. Be patient I will get to you. Again, I deal with many questions every time I list.

Yes, this sounds cranky and stupid to have to say, but all of these have been factors in my experience here on . It is simple; please follow them when offerding on my items and good luck.



Tattoo Machine,flash,vintage,old,rare,antique,thomas Edison,electric Pen,early:

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