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W-antique Voigtlander & Sohn 3 No. 27141 Brass Barrel Camera Lens+stop Germany For Sale

W-antique Voigtlander & Sohn 3 No. 27141 Brass Barrel Camera Lens+stop Germany



Wein, Braunschweig

Size 3 No. 27141

-with original Mounting Flange, Board and F:16 Waterhouse Stop

•Measures-3 7/8" long•

•BACK-2 1/2" diameter•

•FRONT-2 1/4"diameter (lens) 3 1/8" (collar)•

•BOARD-4 1/2"x4 1/2"•

Antique German brass barrel camera lens with mounting flange and board and F:16 Waterhouse Stop. Stop is made of a heavy stock/cardboard with white printing on it- appears to be old.

We are selling several antique lenses, and unfortunately, have no real knowledge regarding them, beyond what is written on the lens itself. SO, we have included MANY detail photos below so you can see just what we are offering. Please refer to them as they will provide much more information than we know to describe.

*Sellers Note-We listed this last month, but because of a thoughtlessNon-Paying member, we are offering it again-at !

•CONDITION- Vintage, used. NO chips or cracks. Back lens: dark shadow in one area at edge, and glue visible around edge. Front lens: small mark (bubble?) inside near center of glass. Brass frame has patina. Please look closely at the detail photos.As Shown.Scroll Downto see all the detail photos below to complete our description.

Selling with

WAIT TO PAY UNTIL WE SEND AN INVOICE, AS USPS POSTAL INSURANCE WILL BE ADDED-amount to be determined by the final selling price. Will NOT be shipped without insurance.

♦ Shipping Weight is 3+ lbs./Box Size- 7" x 7" x 6" /Zip Code-68347 ♦

•We strive to be accurate, but we're not experts, & there may be some detail we have forgotten, or don't know enough to describe.If you know of something important that we haven't described or shown in photos, Please ask about it before offerding!All items may have surface soil, dust and dirt. Selling AsIs, As Found-we do no cleaning.• To see details and evaluate condition for yourself,PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL THE BIGPHOTOS BELOW. If you still have questions, please ask, and we'll do our best to answer them!

We're selling a variety of interesting items-WE COMBINE SHIPPING to save you money!•

NEW buyers-If you have a positive response Rating of 5 or less,please email us before offerding,or your offer may be cancelled without notice. We ask for this extra contact from a new member so we know you understand the offerding and payment process and have read our terms. We've had some sales fall through due to non-paying, irresponsible new members. If you KNOW this doesn't describe YOU-send us a line! A little communication goes a long way; it keeps the Boss from getting nervous about the sale AND safeguards your offer. Thanks! •••

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS-Our shipping quote is for Priority Mail.If the item Sells for LESS than $100 dollars AND weighs LESS than 4 lbs, we CAN mail it at the cheaper 1st class rate.Contact us for revised shipping.

Your country's Custom/Import Duty Fees are your responsibility.BEFORE you offer, please read our International Shipping information and terms below.

•♦• We expect payment through PayPal, or payment arrangements to be made within3 daysof the sale's end. •♦•We like payment by PayPal, but also accept other forms of payment- for more options, email us before offerding

THE small PRINT:

SHIPPING:We ship M-F. We usually ship within 1-2 Business Days of payment receipt-large items may take up to 5 days (Business Days are Monday-Friday, and do NOT include Weekends or Holidays). We pack items securely, and shipping costs are always what the calculator figures for that size and weight, including Delivery Confirmation so you can track your package + .65¢ to help cover our supply costs and /paypal shipping fees. We don't make money on shipping-we often actually LOSE, especially now that both Paypal AND take a cut of what you pay sellers for shipping!

COMBINED SHIPPING:We are happy to COMBINE SHIPPING COSTS if you win more than one item from us, providing the items will pack compatibly. Combined shipping will be what the USPS charges for that size and weight package. Contact usbefore you pay, so we can figure the combined total and adjust your invoice.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:Wereally appreciateour many international customers! We PREFER to ship items PRIORITY. But, for items that SELL for LESS than $100 and WEIGH less than 4 lbs, we CAN ship 1st Class to save you money. Just understand that if YOU CHOOSE this shipping, we can not guarantee or track shipping time or delivery to your country. Most of the time this method is fine, it just might take a while to arrive. But, as we have no way to track 1st class packages,we can take no responsibility for them once we deliver them to our Post Office, and you must understand that YOU CHOOSE THIS METHOD AT YOUR OWN RISK.

•♦•Our International Shipping Rate only covers the transportation to your country. It DOES NOT cover fees collected by your country for customs/import duty tax. This is YOUR responsibility and has nothing to do with the fee to ship the item to you.Accordingly,We DO NOT mark items as "Gifts" or change the Selling Price on custom documents to alleviate that tax, so-DON'T ASK!!! If you expect documents to be falsified- offer On Other Seller's Items- because we don't do business that way.

IF you ask us to do it,we will:

♦ CANCEL the sale!

♦ Sell the item to the next high buyer!

♦ Report your request to defraud to !

We won't fool around with this shady practice. While lying on the forms may save YOU some money, it puts OUR small business at risk of repercussions.


•••We like response! We hope you're pleased, and when you receive your item, let us know by posting response.When rating our service, please remember that we have no control over shipping costs-we use 's shipping calculator- if it over-charges, we refund to your paypal account. If you don't like the shipping cost, complain to (both and paypal take a cut of what you pay sellers for actual shipping--that charge gets passed on to you, the customer, so we collect enough to cover shipping!).Please don't give us a low star rating for it -just leave that star line blank. If ouractual servicehas disappointed you, contact us!Once we know you're satisfied, we'll quickly post response for you!•••

RETURNS: We want you to be happy, so returns will be accepted -IF- THE ITEM IS SIGNIFICANTLY NOT AS DESCRIBED- but not just because you decide you don't like it. CONTACT US within 3 DAYS, AND SHIP THE ITEM WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT- this 2 week period is to keep in compliance with 's newest rules. If you NEED that much time to ship it back-ok. But we would greatly appreciate it happening in a more timely 3-7 days if possible. You must provide us with a Delivery Confirmation Number as proof of mailing, so the package can be tracked. If the item is in the same condition as we sent it out, your Purchase Price will be refunded- this does NOT include return shipping costs. Buyer pays all return shipping -THIS MUST INCLUDE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. A offer is an acceptance of these terms.

All items are available for local pick up.Contact us for directions.


•↓•↓• Some of the items we're selling- •↓•↓•

W-antique Voigtlander & Sohn 3 No. 27141 Brass Barrel Camera Lens+stop Germany

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W-antique Voigtlander & Sohn 3 No. 27141 Brass Barrel Camera Lens+stop Germany:

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