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We are always selling keydate and quality rare coins and currency. We bring quality rare us currency andcoins to serious collectors and investors for less money.



When you have reached the point where only therarest will do then this should be your purchase. 1796 $10 gold coin has always held a special fascination for the highest level of type coin collectors, and this type is generally acknowledged to be the most significant of the "personality" coins. The coin itself is impeccable, with deep original tonned and perfect color.

"Every collector creates a mental checklist of fantasy items--trophies so rare that despite the financial success of the individual, obtaining one carries far greater value than the money spent to acquire it. The realization of the fantasy dwarfs the cost of ownership. Among those who aspire to possess the finest in United States Coins, this is such an item"

From all series only this one is the rarest.

The 1796 $10 gold coin has always held a very special attraction to collectors and the less interested public.

In an effort to practice full disclosure in this writing I should mention that I am a cataloger for Smythe. It seems humanly impossible for one to be objective when discussing most any subject as we all base our judgments on personal experiences. sale prices realized certainly have veracity in determining the value of Coins, but only if one views the material for sale.

A conservatively graded coin can skew the numbers higher as the floor buyers who had the opportunity to view the coins may pay double the expected price.

That stated I will keep my personal grading opinions to myself and list the grades as described. Prices realized do not include the identity of the sale company.The approximate date is listed in parenthesis after the price realized.

I do not wish to cause regret for most everyone’s lack of foresight in purchasing thispopular series sooner. Prices of five plus years ago have little bearing on today’s market if there have been significant offerings since.

I will explore the collecting of this popular coin and the general characteristics starting with the series type. Although UNIQUE and rare, this first series is neither plentiful in higher grade circulated or uncirculated grades.

It is not extremely likely that there are several more similar coins waiting to be found. If you have one, we hope you will contact us and give us a chance to pay you a lot of money for yours.

In my 42 years of collecting and experience this was the only time I had an honor to present such extra ordinary museum piece which belongs to my own collection.

A museum coin, ifindeed acquired by a museum, will forever beout of private hands. We are blown away and humbled by thehonor bestowed upon us when we acquired this treasure. I will personally promise you that, this set will reach seven digits value in the future if you hold on it for sometimes and be patient.

Sometimes infrequently, all the stars in the universe come together in a straight line creating a miracle for the ages. This for sale today is a flawless double sawbuck of the most sensational eye appeal imaginable. Far more rare than any other coins in gem, this is a coin that could make the most cynical jaded coin collector cry like a baby.

Utterly huge perfect toned & grate colors of suchvivid brilliance one might need sunglasses! The best of the past, present, and future. A priceless one of a kind perfect gold coin. The mere thought of getting to own thissupreme dream wonder coinsomeday, should equal the thrill of being able to experience all of ones childhood Christmas mornings or Hanukkah nights at once.

I for one, will never forget the moment I laid my eyes on this piece and held it in my hands for the first time.


These series have inspired many collectors tofurther pursue the hobby, and this stunning example by all means fits that bill.

Evenin the current economic crisis, the coin market is growing each day and this rare museum piece will continue to increase it's value far outweighingthe purchase price, so don't hesitate any longer to get into the coin market. This a very strong coin, Ready for the astute collector.It is an exceptionally handsome specimen coin.

This is a warm niche in the hearts of many numismatists. Always numbered among favorite piece.

Webelieve that the valuation gap which exists between the coinand currency hobbies will drive collectible-currency valueshigher over time.


1-The grading of PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG price guide is subjective and should be used as a reference so that you have a refer only!

These grading sources are subjective and grades vary, depends toColor,Toning, CAC, PQ, Sharpness and entire of coin's structure even for two identicalcoins with different colors and toning!

The price guide offered by them, should be used to gauge the approximate (near or over) value of thecoin, NOT THE MARKET VALUE, (which is the first priority and most important factor/specification.) as their rating vary and are subjective.

The preserved condition of the coin is the main factor to evaluate the market value which is beyond the PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG guidelines.

Please be aware, the book value is not the same as the market value.

The same rule are applicable for coin sold at sale as well. Howeversale value is what a coin was sold for and usually it is below the market value.

1- I as a professional dealer and collector, have done extensive research and as a novice collector, I encourage you to follow the same guidelines stated above!

2- If we have stated in the title's listing the name and grade number of the coin, thatmeans the coin is graded for sure with the certificate and serial number inside the grading company's holder.

If we have not posted and included, the coin inside the holder's image, is because of the size of images only since many collectors prefer to see the details of the coin rather than justthe certificate and serial number.

If you are an astute collector, as soon as you see the coin's image, you would immediately and definitely realize, that coin isalready graded with the certificate and serial number and is alreadyinside the holder/slab with the case, based onthe color and shape of the holder especially PCGS, NGC and ANACS!

If your offer was accepted and you purchased the coin and by any remote chance it came without graded holder, then you have my word for keeping the coin forfree plus your full refund regardless.We have 14 days return's privilegeand 100% money back guarantee, If you are not satisfied with the item for any reason!

3- We have provided an extensive variety of rare coins and currency for your references.


We assure youthatallof our items(Coins and Currencies)areauthentic.

We assure that you will not receive,

fake, phony or copied item.


We never ever cheat by tampering with the image.

We assure you that you will beamazed and

youwill want to come back gain.

Pictures do not reveal the radiant beauty of our items.

Insome cases,the pictures are even a lot lower qualitythan ouractual items,UNLIKEmanyof the other stores.

100% satisfaction is our goal !

Wewant to develop a relationshipwithyouas our valued customer for manyyears to come.

We provide customers with quality coins and currencies, fair pricing and superior service. So whether you're a collector on a budget, or the investor whowants "only the best," we offer you the guidance and buying experience
that will keep you coming back.
Dreamtrophysells conservatively graded/none graded coinsthat are reasonablypriced and selected for specific collecting andinvestmentvalues. Webelieve that the cornerstone to this endeavoris buildingtrust and confidence.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Customer Service

We will always put ourselves in you shoes.

Wewant you to have best service.

We will treat you like our own families andexactly like the way we would like tobetreated.

We really like to establish a long termrelationship with you and exceptional experience with our company.

The winning buyer must contact us within 2 days

and paymentmustbe received within 5-7 days ofthe close of this sale.

We are here to help you with your questions and order status .

Our commitment to you is to answer yourE-mailwithin hours.


There is a delivery charge of $15 for shipping.

We prefer to ship to the confirmed address on the pay pal account.

All orders are processed within 1-3 business day of receiving them.Overnight shipping is included.

This item is professionally packaged and shipped fully insured,

adult signature required at delivery.

We ship via FedEx, UPS, Brinks, Private Courier

and United States Express Mail.

Items are typically shipped within 3-5 business days of receipt of payment. You will be notified when your item has been shipped.Please provide a physical address, and contact phone number with your payment.

If payment is made by PayPal, and your shipping address is different than your confirmed address in PayPal, you must contact us directly to let us know of the requested change. Address changeapproval will be sent to you, otherwise this item will be sent to your confirmed PayPal address.

International Service

We are fulfilling international orders toworldwide.

We ship world-wide fully insured by:

UPS, FEDEX, BRINKS, Private Courier, and United States Express Mail.

Provide a physical address, and contact phone number with your payment.

If payment is made by PayPal, and your shipping address isdifferent than your confirmed address in PayPal,you must contact us directly to let us know of the requested change.Address change approval will be sent to you, otherwise this item will be sent to yourconfirmed PayPal address.

Internationalshipments are shipped at the customers risk to shipping delays,international and national regulations,

Customs fees,taxation,and damage due to and/or resulting fromshipping.

We are not responsible for shippingdelays, damage, theft, acts of nature affecting the shipment, Customs duties, fees, taxation orregulatory importrestrictions.

This disclaimer applies only toshipments outside the United States,International customers maycomplete transactions

by bank PayPal E-check transfer.


We accept payments through PayPal only.

We'll contact you within 24 hours

of the saleclosing.

The winning buyer must contact us within 2 daysand paymentmust be received within 5-7 days of the close of this sale.




Items can be returned fora

100% money Back Guaranteed

minus shipping cost

within 14 days ifyouare not satisfied with the items.


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