ART Cambridge Triptych Roerich Peace Pact Holocaust Elbe, Christmas Carol Cause

ART Cambridge Triptych Roerich Peace Pact Holocaust Elbe, Christmas Carol Cause

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ART Cambridge Triptych Roerich Peace Pact Holocaust Elbe, Christmas Carol Cause:

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Memorial To 4TH armored WW2 soldiers & veterans who liberated Ohrdruf the Buchenwald Sub-camp, first Holocaust site discovered by U.S. Soldiers and the Meeting at the Elbe River 77 years ago and no longer acknowledged at Arlington National Cemetery.  This is the 2022, 2023 acknowledgment to honor those who served, died, and are erased from American History.

400,000. Americans soldiers died in WW2.  200,000 civilians died in Atomic Bombings of Japanese cities.

“Art happens-no hovel is safe from it, no prince may depend upon it, the vastest intelligence can not bring it about.”

James Whistler

The Muralist, Alejandro Montes, is a Columbian Painter/Muralist holding a Masters degree.  He has high talent.    His assistant,  architect of the Triptych, background:  Harvard History T.A., HURI, Vilnius U. UMB, N.U., Composer of Antiwar Operas, JFK Opera Editorialized in Boston Globe. 

These unusual murals, a Triptych  (3 panels with narrative), are to be destroyed by court order. LOOK At WEBSITE:(  CAMBRIDGENICA DOT COM ):  The burden is placed on the small homeowners in Cambridge to destroy the for sale murals on property they paid taxes on for 40 years. Now on public property because although the abutting empty lot of an Elderly Complex has been sold to investors like Citibank, the businessmen let the city keep 10% ownership to use "public use" as the legal tool for tax games, and acquisition purposes like this antisocial behavior towards Minorities in Cambridge. 

The mural images are presented here.  The images will persist on the website:  cambridgenica.  By adding the .com you can read essays and also see they are associated with a land dispute and especially alleged public corruption in a city that still promotes itself on being a place that protects the Elderly, Art, Culture, Communities, Minorities.  Oy Vey! the city brags it's a "Sanctuary City".  Go figure.  We have learned in this experience liberal progressives are actually masked barbarian regressives within a progressively wilting Urban American culture. The only way to preserve what you see is to buy and relocate this system of art: Cambridgenica Triptych.  There is nothing else like it on the planet.   It is not just Hispanic art... It is World Art!

An artifact of a dying culture.

The value of the art installation is based on the costs and probable tax losses claimed by at least 4 lawyers for the Cambridge Housing Authority, City of Cambridge.  Six inches of dirt across the walls added up equals less than one 8 x 8-foot block of cement. Like 2 refrigerators side by side.  The attack on the small property owners began the day before Christmas 2021.  The CHA & Construction company need the process ended in this calendar year for tax write off purposes so have become very aggressive towards the Hispanic family in Land Court where there has been no opportunity to depose the CHA perps, all procedural law games.  As Indian Chief Joseph said: "we fight no more forever."  Unfair, immoral, unethical, well it's nothing new. Read Samuel 12:1-4 : Nathan's Parable of the Ewe-Lamb.  Powerful dishonest men have always expropriated from the powerless. There are exactly two Christmas in a row in this case. It's actually being considered for an urban Christmas story.


The requirement of the sale is to purchase the whole installation consisting of cement blocks with images via . All the wood panels are weathered, like valuable barn wood, the wood was specially prepared with protective sealant designed for murals, and the murals were created with specialty paints   designed for outdoor murals. The sealants are plastic water-based products, all weather designed to protect boats used in both fresh and salt water. They give a minimum of 5 years of protection, including from U.V.

It would be necessary to professionally remove and move the art. It's up to the buyer to do this.  It's not an Abu Simbel or Elgin Marbles massive relocation affair.  

The systems represent a restatement of New England Transcendentalism philosophy aligned with Buddhist philosophy associated with the Roerich Pact for Peace.   In previous generations, noble expressions in Art had great value among university students, antiwar activists, and pacifists, especially in the City of Cambridge Ma. In fact, the Margaret Fuller House is walking distance from the Cambridgenica Triptych.  She was the original American Feminist! 

The murals can be sent anywhere in the world, buyer pays.  As there is no interest by art or public officials to intervene to avoid entanglement or interference with the petty corruption in  City government due to Faustian urban renewal of Cambridge Elderly City housing properties, (corruption) the Triptych images you see are to be destroyed.  The Land Court judge will put fines on the property owners if the artwork is not moved or destroyed.  Probably before Christmas 2022 or shortly thereafter. 

While they have been judged to be valuable contemporary art.  They are of no value in the City Cambridge.  This is like the Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946), but with a dystopian ending.  

The murals would likely appreciate in value. They are a complex antiwar, spiritual, and monumental statement with paradoxes, ironies, ambiguities, metaphors associated with Picasso's Guernica, and the Roerich Pact for Peace.

 It was decided that all the proceeds of the sale after fees and possible taxes will go directly to a local Hispanic family who lost an autistic child to the mis-administration of the Covid Booster During Christmas season 2021.  The death precipitated by improper administration of the Booster to a youth who was in the process of fighting off a full-blown Covid infection that took his life, which was confirmed.  He died of heart failure within a couple of days.  The City of Cambridge officials, even the mayor, the same young attorney who refused to deal in a meeting in her City Hall office with the bullying behavior of the Cambridge Housing Authority on the six inches of dirt land dispute, the mayor claiming arrogantly “it’s a civil case,” (despite 10% of the land is City property). She attended the funeral. It was, is a tragedy.  The malpractice allegations which a jury of reasonable people would likely agree happened, as the best practices rule is to wait 90 days after an infection before booster inoculation, and that was not done by the Cambridge Health Alliance immunizers is not actionable in Court because of current laws.  This tragedy and probable malpractice can find no relief in the legal system.  This is not to deny or criticize the mission of public health to immunize the population, or not recognize that there will be some small percentage of the population who will experience serious side effects from any medical intervention.  This is only to point out that if malpractice occurred, there is no legal recourse at this time to address essentially improper medical procedures in the administration of this particular pharmaceutical agent. Obviously, the family can never be made whole again.

Therefore, it has been decided that whatever is made from this sale of the Cambridge murals if they are sold before being destroyed by the City of Cambridge, will go to the victim’s family of two boys and parents from Guatemala and Ecuador.  These are Cambridge residents.  It will be arranged to the buyer’s and ’s satisfaction that the funds are delivered to the family.  They can meet the family. This will be handled discreetly and with dignity.  Permission to do this was authorized by the parents.   It is in the spirit of Christmas, as in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, or the Dickens novella “A Christmas Carol” (1843).  The seller is a registered pharmacist, certified immunizer, in good standing with the board and wants to make it clear that this is not a criticism or denial of importance of taking the Covid vaccines as a personal choice.  However, the booster administration had not been done according to CDC guidelines, which in this case were not followed, and the result of negligence turned a young patient into a victim, something that is not addressable in the courts.  There can be, in this case, no “12 Angry Men” or women deliberating on a case that can never be brought to court for adjudication.

Some of the subject matter in the murals includes: 1945 U.S. 4th Armored Division liberation of Buchenwald sub-camp Ohrdruf, meeting at the Elbe River (monument in Arlington National Cemetery Memorial service canceled in 2022, the 77th anniversary of meeting symbolizing defeat if National Socialism).  The rehabilitation of the last letter of the alphabet "Z" (two 7's one upside down).  Icon of Russian Saint Tsar Nicholas II with his famous quote, "There is no justice among men."  A banana plantation.  Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Choc Mol, masked face with pipe of Zapatista leader Sub-comandante Marcos; Aztec Calendar; Monument to the middle of the Earth (Ecuador); at top the Egyptian Eye of Horus; at base faces of Mexican President Benito Juarez; Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; the Massachusetts State House building with a quote from King Lear;

2 non-white angels (puti) hovering outside gold domed State House building; Quotes in Spanish from Goethe and Mexican Nun Sor Juana Ines del la Cruz. 

The nude woman corpse on the pile of corpses in the Ohrdruf (Buchenwald sub-camp)  pit faces the Virgin of Guadalupe, who looks away.  The Virgin is identified as Diosa Abscondita, the Hidden God of the Scriptures. 

These murals are a unit, a Triptych, an object of art. They induce aesthetic judgment in the viewer, providing a sublime boundless experience. It's probably too much to deal with for most contemporary post-modern critics. They are what they are. Transcendental Cambridge ART.

If you represent an organization or principal, contact us.  We are not responding to arguments or willing to engage in discussions as this is art rich ironies, ambiguities, and paradoxes. The biography or intentions of the artist and architect are well stated.  The Cambridgenica Triptych is an Object of Art.  It speaks for itself through structures and textures, and the artist and architectural intentions are irrelevant.

We doubt we will be offered compromise; the Art has been ordered by a Land Court judge to be destroyed for the purpose, as Joni Mitchell sang: "to put up a parking lot". The Cambridge creeps we have dealt with undermined the Elderly housing mission in Cambridge.

As Daniel Berrigan S.J. said: "The opposite of Love is not Hatred; it is indifference."  That is why this art is either moving or being destroyed very soon around Christmas, probably for tax write-offs by the perps behind this absurdity.

It belongs somewhere art is valued.  In Cambridge, MA, that purposeless purpose regarding aesthetics and beauty is not valued.   What we experienced is indifference in the City Government allowing dirt balls to make a small fortune reclaiming 6 inches of dirt across a wall for an empty lot expropriated from the Elderly.  What goes in the lot on the other side of the artwork is being worked out with investors and speculators behind closed doors.  Certainly, a parking lot will be part of the continuing Urban Corruption Deconstruction within a dying culture.


They can be installed in a musium gallery space.

We have received inquiries about a screenplay.  More inquiries are ok. Send a Query Letter.

ART Cambridge Triptych Roerich Peace Pact Holocaust Elbe, Christmas Carol Cause:

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