Altec Lansing Voice-of-the-Theater (VOTT) speakers, home theater, new

Altec Lansing Voice-of-the-Theater (VOTT) speakers, home theater, new

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Altec Lansing Voice-of-the-Theater (VOTT) speakers, home theater, new:

The world renowned Altec VOTT- A7s

350+ hours invested by a 30-year cabinet maker and sounddesigner in creating these furniture-gradeAltec Lansing Voice-of-the-Theater (VOTT) speakers from scratch. Absolutely nothing was spared in reimagining theseworld-renowned classics.

Design Goals

The goal was to recreate/update a classic that would be theultimate fantasy for any audio mancave or home theater system.

But not just big, something elegant yet retro for thespeaker’s time period, something even a spouse would like. The woofer’s convexopening is super-cool/distinctive and the grilles had to be just as…complimenting the woofer opening to bring natural balance to the design. Behindthe grille is the precise port opening per the original design spec (208 Sq. in.)however, the listener has two other options available - depending upon the room characteristics and listener preferences. One panel set reduces the portsize to 80 Sq. In., resulting in tighter, more forward mid-bass. The Triple 4”ports preserve the hard pound of the bottom end while tightening the lower frequencies.

Rather than typical grille cloth, metal grating with oblongholes (similar in shape to the speaker opening) were incorporated to invoke arugged look as homage to the original industrial, theater-use intent of the speaker.


Per Altec’s original VOTT build design, the cabinets wereconstructed utilizing Medium Density Overlay (MDO) plywood. MDO is significantlyheavier (more durable) and more costly than birch or other materials such asMDF or particle board. All Internal bracing is hardwood and all wood joints aredadoed (Not butt-jointed) and glued.

Additional internal hardwood cross-bracing was incorporatedto reduce cabinet resonance. The concave section on either side of the wooferis fully-braced with matching curved hardwood, then filled with reinforcing/expandingform to further to reduce resonance.

As specified, interior walls are covered in soundabsorption foam to reduce standing waves.

The exterior was carefully veneered in Bubinga, thenfinished with 14 coats of Piano lacquer - sanded between coats, then polished. The super-cool aluminum ball legs are easilyremovable and make moving easy (each weigh 170 lbs.+). The 511b horn braces are customized brassfittings. Even the customAltec emblems and logos are flushed into the veneer face for a more detailed finish.

The Drivers

The woofers are as new, freshly re-coned original 416c’s by Great Plains Audio – THE Altec guy! (ThanksBill!). The 802d compression drivers were dismantled and rebuilt with new Radian diaphragms(not the cheap Chinese versions) - they sound amazing!

The Horns

All pits and seams were painstakingly filled and sanded,then powder-coated for an incredibly durable and beautiful finish. The aluminum 511b hornsare also known to “sing” - to mitigate that effect, sound deadening material was fusedto the bottom.

The Crossovers (See pic)

The famous Jon Hiraga VOTT crossover design was utilizedto flatten the response from the originals as well as provide additional “presence”switching for the compression drivers. French-made Solen Caps and open air-coreinductors were leveraged. High quality binding posts, all connections soldered(where possible) and 12-gauge wiring was integrated throughout the cabinet.

These Altec VOTT's are way more than “just” speakers, they are incredible,one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of fine furniture. The piano finish isbeautiful/rich to the touch and needs to be treated as such. They are astatement piece and a labor of love. This project is the preservation ofwonderful audio gear from a great era is personally my most ambitious (andcoolest) restoration to date. This is my third set of VOTTs; each set takes 6-8 months to build.

These would be the talk of any Home theater or Audio system. Serious buyers are certainly welcome to audition them in Ann Arbor, MI.

Will only ship via a quality furniture moving company (Doesnot include shipping however, I will fullycoordinate the process for you - post purchase).Due to their size and shipping effort, refunds are not allowed.

Dimensions= 30"w x24"d x 56'h

Weight= Approx. 170lbs/each

Efficiency= 95db @1w/1m

IMPORTANT NOTE: ThePioneer Audio rack is NOT part of this sale.

Thanks for looking.

Altec Lansing Voice-of-the-Theater (VOTT) speakers, home theater, new:

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