Earth Day Collage Kids’ Art Activity

natural materials

Celebrate nature on Earth Day. This holiday provides the perfect opportunity for your young child to learn about the planet and explore what’s right outside of her door. Start with a nature walk. Bring a bag along to collect natural items. Ask your child to look around her and tell you what she sees. Now ask her to specifically pick out the natural things she sees, making comparisons between man-made items (such as street signs or a bike) and things that aren’t (such as flowers and trees).


  • Natural items – leaves, flowers, small twigs, pebbles
  • Cardboard – reuse the front of a box
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Optional: Tempera paint and a paintbrush


  1. Collect a variety of natural materials while on your nature walk. This could include leaves, stems, flower petals or small twigs.
  2. Arrange the items on the cardboard. Your child can create a design, a pattern of a random arrangement.
  3. Glue the items down.
  4. Optional: Paint the collage. After the glue dries completely, your child can paint over the natural items. She can paint a rainbow of colors, create an Earth design or even flick the brush to make a paint splatter piece of art.