Easter Bunny Print Kids’ Art

Paint art

Get ready for Easter with a cute bunny themed kids’ art activity. Your child can get crafty and paint her own ‘bunny tracks’. This is an easy project for kids of all ages to try. Your preschooler will get a kick out of making cute little tracks, while your older child gets more detailed. You can even create a holiday game, positioning the bunny tracks around the house (cut them out). The tracks can lead up to your child’s Easter basket, making it more fun to find.


  • Construction paper
  • Tempera paint
  • Optional: Cotton balls

How-to Steps:

  1. Pour the paint into pools. Use a palette, a piece of wax paper or a thick paper plate to hold the paint. Make golf ball-sized pools.
  2. Finger paint print the bunny’s feet! Your child can dip her thumb or a finger into the paint, creating prints on the paper by pressing down. She can make as many prints as she wants, using a variety of colors or one hue.

Optional: Use cotton balls instead of finger painting. The cotton is like fluffy bunny tails – that your child can use to make art! Dip the cotton into the paint, and then press it down onto the paper (just like finger painting).