Easter Egg Paint Print for Kids

Kids' crafts

Are you looking for an easy Easter craft for your kids? If you have tons of those plastic eggs sitting around, then your kids can get artsy. With a little bit of paint you can make Easter prints! Your child can use the circle shape from the open part of the egg to make a bunny’s head, a chick’s body or spring flowers. Before getting started, pick out an Easter-themed design idea. Brainstorm possible print painting ideas, asking your child what shapes each is made from. For example, a bunny is a circle with two oval ears.

Learning and Development Objectives

Your child will:

  • Build fine motor skills.
  • Recognize and identify shapes.
  • Explore colors.
  • Improve critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Understand the part to whole relationship.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Tempera paint
  • Card stock or another thick paper
  • Plastic Easter eggs

How-To Steps

  1. Pour the paint into puddles. Use a paper plate or a piece of wax paper to hold the paint.
  2. Open the eggs. Dip the circle-shaped (open) side into the paint.
  3. Press the paint-covered egg onto the paper to make a print.
  4. Repeat to make more circles.
  5. Add in extra embellishments. Your child can use a thin paintbrush, the other end of the egg or her fingers to paint.