Easy Pumpkin Crafts for the Whole Family


How can you decorate your home with pumpkins? If you’re looking for an easy way to add Halloween décor to your space (interior or exterior), these pumpkin-themed ideas are ideal! Don’t worry if you’re a novice crafter. These projects are perfect for all ages and all levels of artistic abilities. This means your kiddos can pitch in and help you to magically transform your home into Halloween happiness.

Pumpkin Parade

Create a parade of pumpkins that line your walkway, stairs or other outdoor space. Instead of carving each pumpkin, use permanent markers or cut black duct tape to make jack o’lantern faces.

Interior Arrangement

Use mini pumpkins to create an awesome arrangement for a party table or other indoor display. Roll mini pumpkins through puddles of tempera paint. Use solid colors or mix the paints for a rainbow or marbled effect. let the pumpkins dry completely, put them in a bowl and display the art!

Pumpkin Greeting

Let pumpkins greet your guests—with a special Halloween message. Choose a simple greeting, such as, “Happy Halloween” or, “Boo-tiful Day.” Gather enough pumpkins to spell out the message. One pumpkin equals one letter. Write each letter of the greeting onto each pumpkin with a permanent marker. Line the pumpkins up to spell the words.