Kids’ Halloween Pumpkin Puppet Craft

Halloween craft

Celebrate Halloween with a cute kids’ craft! Your child can make pumpkin puppets, and then use them for hours of pretend play. These are easy enough for preschoolers to make—even with minimal help from you. Not only is this an artsy activity, but it also helps your child to develop fine motor skills and learn about math! Use the circle or oval shapes that will turn into pumpkin heads to teach your little learner about basic geometry.


  • Orange card stock paper (or any other thick paper)
  • Scissors
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • A dark marker
  • Green craft felt
  • Thick craft sticks


  1. Cut circles or ovals from the orange card stock. Your child can try cutting these freehand or she can draw them. She can also fold the card stock in half (book-style) and cut a semi-circle, with the center at the fold. When she unfolds it, she’ll have a full circle.
  2. Draw pumpkin faces. Make a few puppets, creating different jack o ‘lantern faces for each. Make silly faces, smiley faces or even scary ones!
  3. Cut small rectangles from the green felt. Glue one rectangle to the top of each pumpkin to make a stem.
  4. Glue the jack o ‘lantern to the top of a craft stick. If your child is antsy to play with her Halloween creation, use tape instead.