Paper Heart Art for Valentine’s Day

Your crafty kiddo has what seems like millions of paper hearts hanging around. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and she’s been cutting hearts out for school projects and her own at-home creations. Now you have a stack of paper shapes and your child isn’t sure what to do with them. Check out these easy Valentine’s art activities that your child can create using pre-cut paper hearts! And, if you don’t have any hearts yet, grab a few pieces of pink, red or purple construction paper, and cut a few out. Fold the paper in half (like a book), draw half a heart starting from the fold, cut along the line and unfold to see the full shape.

Heart Collage

Use a piece of plain construction paper, poster board or cardboard as a base. Then, glue the hearts on top. Your child can vary the angles, making some slanted, some vertical and others horizontal. Overlap the edges, creating a collage with layers and texture. After the glue dries your child can paint or write a Valentine’s Day message on top.

Pattern Play

If you have hearts in different sizes or colors, use them to create a pattern. This math activity is an easy way to get your child excited about learning. Let her line up the hearts, creating a pattern. Glue them onto a piece of paper to make a cute card or reuse them for another math project.

Flower Power

Create cute flowers to use as Valentine’s Day cards with the hearts. Glue the hearts on to a piece of paper, pointing the narrow ends (the points) at each other. This creates a flower head shape. Your child can keep layering them, making a 3-D flower. Bend the edges of the top hearts up to create the three-dimensional look. Add a ‘stem’ by drawing tiny hearts in a line!