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Daily Holidays of the Year

President's Day: February

Presidents Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the USA. The day celebrates the birthday of President George Washington . The birthday of George Washington, the first US President, actually falls on February 22nd. Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th President, also celebrates a birthday on February 12th.

Originally both birthdays were celebrated as holidays. But Congress passed a law in 1968 (the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect in 1971) that moved the celebrations of many of the federal holidays to Mondays (for a 3 day weekend and to save $$).

What has become known as "Presidents Day" was originally created as a way to observe George Washington's birthday and is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. (The celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday was dropped) In fact the legislation does not actually name the day as "Presidents Day," but refers to the day as "George Washington's Birthday." But over time "Presidents Day" has become a celebration of not only George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but of all US Presidents.

As a federal holiday all governmental (federal and state) offices and buildings are closed, as are schools, post offices, and banks. Many schools are also closed during the week in which Presidents Day falls for "Winter Recess." It is also an occasion for many retail establishments to have special promotions!

Other US federal Holidays celebrated on Mondays are: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

US federal Holidays NOT celebrated on Mondays include: New Years Day (Jan. 01), Independence Day (July4th), Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November), Easter, and Christmas (Dec. 25th).

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