5 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Kids' pencils

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to come covered in chocolate. You’d rather that your kids didn’t have a hefty holiday dose of sugar, but still want to hand out more than a card. If you’re looking for a non-candy Valentine’s present for your little sweetie, check out these holiday-themed gift ideas for kids!

Heart-shaped stamper set. Even kids who aren’t ‘artists’ can enjoy this simple craft supply. Put together a gift bag filled with different sizes of heart stampers, red and pink ink pads and pieces of card stock paper to print on.

A plastic heart container, filled with red or pink play dough. After opening the Valentine’s Day themed package, she’ll play all day with the soft clay.

Homemade mad libs. Create your own silly story, leaving blanks for the nouns, verbs and adjectives. Make it a sweetheart theme or have your child pick Valentine’s Day words to add.

School supplies. No, now what your child’s teacher put on the back-to-school list. Instead, gift your valentine with heart-covered pencils, pink notebooks or holiday erasers. Put them all together into one pretty package (use a gift bag) or tie them together with a bow. Need a creative way to display the gift? Line up the school supplies in the shape of a giant heart!

Flowers. A bouquet of red roses may not mean as much to your 6-year-old as it does for you. That said, you can still give her a petal-filled present. Choose an easy-to-maintain flowering plant, wrap the put in a red bow and give your child a gift that she can care for.