Activities for World Environment Day

Environment day

June 5th marks World Environment Day. Started in the 1970s by the United Nations to celebrate our planet. You can help your child to understand why helping the environment is so important with a few fun-filled family activities. How?

Go on a nature walk.

Head out to the local park or go on a trek through your own backyard. Take a look around and ask your child to tell you what she sees. Bring a journal or notebook for her to write a few words about nature or draw a picture (depending on her age). Take a few photos to highlight the day!

Make environmentally friendly art.

Reuse old cardboard as a base for a mural. Glue on dried leaves or cut up scrap fabric (recycle old clothes or dish towels into art materials) to make a collage.

Clean up.

Organize a community clean-up day at the local park or your child’s school. Pick up any trash, recycle discarded plastic or metal products (such as soda bottles and cans left behind) and plant a few flowers to beautify the space.

Grow a garden.

Green your space and grow your own food with a veggie garden. Plant tomatoes, lettuce or peppers along with herbs and other edibles. If you don’t have space to plant an entire garden, use over-sized pots or start your growing project in milk crates, a wheel barrow or any other container.