Artsy Ideas for Read Across America Day


Get ready to read! March 2nd marks Read Across America Day—and in celebration you can pick some of your kiddo’s favorite titles to page through.

Even though reading is the main event, you can also add to this special day with a few creative crafts. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these book-based art ideas for kids in preschool and up.

Book-Making Craft

Kids can create their own books to read on this day and every day after. Simply stack a few sheets of white construction paper inside a colorful piece of card stock (make sure the papers are all the same size). Fold the paper stack in half and punch two or three holes along the left side. Bond the book by threading yarn through the holes. Give your kiddo crayons or markers and ask them to write their own story inside the pages.

Character Puppets

Make paper bag puppets to act out your child’s favorite books. Flatten a lunch-sized bag and place the flap facing up and out. Your child can draw the character’s face on the flap and decorate the rest of the bag with craft felt, crayons, paper or paint.

Book Masks

Along with puppets, your child can turn beloved book characters into masks. Cut out eye, nose and mouth holes from a paper plate. Draw the character’s face onto the remaining part of the plate. Tape a thick craft stick to the back to use as a holder or handle.