Black Friday Family Fun Shopping Games

shopping center

The turkey is cooking and the Thanksgiving table is set. But, you’re done dreaming about pumpkin pies and mashed sweet potatoes. What’s on your mind? Shopping! The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, and it’s all about getting the good deals (and a jump on your Christmas and Hanukkah gift list). But, you have to bring the kids along with you. And, while you adore spending time with them, they aren’t feeling the same thrill when it comes to shopping as you do. What can you do to keep the kids happy during the Black Friday sales shopping spree? Check out these easy ideas!

Eye Spy

As you’re looking for the best deals out there, play a quick game of “Eye Spy.” Look around and find one sale item for your child to “Spy.” She has to ask you questions, and your answers will lead her to your pick.

Sale Savings

Add some education to the entrainment with a fun family math game. When you find a truly impressive deal, ask your child to figure out the difference between the sale price and the original one. Time her or hold a sibling math challenge to turn the game into a creative contest.

Letter Finder

Start at A and move all the way through the alphabet until you get to Z. Your child needs to find a sale item (or something else in the store) that begins with each letter!