Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with These Activities

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What can you do to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day? This special day falls on April 24, making it a spring holiday to mark on your calendar now. Before the day gets here, check out these easy options to show your total appreciation for everything these professionals do.

Office Coffee Bar

Forget about sending an employee out for coffee. Set up your own in-office coffee bar. Either make a variety of flavored coffees or buy at least two picks and bring them in. Add flavored creamers and other similar toppings to the bar. For an extra-special touch, celebrate each administrative professional by gifting them with a personalized coffee mug!

Breakfast in the Office

Surprise the administrative professionals in your office with more than coffee. Set up a breakfast bar that comes complete with bagels, cream cheese, jelly, fresh fruit, doughnuts and anything else that they’ll enjoy eating.

Leisurely Lunch

Forget about quick packed lunches sitting behind a desk. Ask your administrative professional out for a leisurely lunch. Instead of choosing the restaurant for them, let the administrative pro pick. If you don’t have time during the work day to celebrate, give this professional a gift card to their favorite eatery instead. Offer to let them take an extended lunch (if possible) during the week to enjoy the free meal.