Celebrate International Women’s Day and #BeBoldForChange

women's day

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? This day is held annually in the beginning of March, and has a different theme each year. In 2017 the theme is #BeBoldForChange. Along with making your own statement, this is the perfect time to show your child just how important it is to stand up for women’s right. How can you do this? Check out these kid-friendly ideas for being bold for change!

Biography Basics

Help your child to learn about women who have made a change. Research famous females who have stood up for women’s rights, fought for equality or in some way helped to show that women can (and do) achieve just as much, if not more than, men. Read biographies, look for info online and have your child write her own timeline of women’s history.

Interview a Woman

What better way to bring this message home than to interview someone who your child already knows. Whether it’s you, older sis, her aunt, her grandma or another woman who is a family friend, have your child talk to her and ask questions about how she’s overcome obstacles or created change. Your child can take the story she’s told and create her own book about it. Younger children can draw pictures, while older kids can write the words.

Make a Future List

Your child might be little now, but someday she’ll be an adult woman. Help her to create a list that includes her future goals and objectives. This helps her to see that she can be anyone she wants and do anything she sets her mind to.