Celebrate World Meteorological Day

weather child

March 23rd marks World Meteorological Day. Celebrate this weather-themed day with a few fun activities that your kids can try out. From pretend play to science, you can help your little learner understand what meteorology is and why it’s so important to all of us.

Meteorologist Role Play

Your child watches the weather person on TV almost every morning (when you do). But, does she know that the television personality is actually a scientist too? Talk about meteorologists, both on TV and those who work in other places. Read about these scientists and then have your child pretend play the role. She can be on TV, work in a lab or act out the part of a researcher. Use your dress-up bin to create costumes, craft props and learn about the weather!

Weather Watcher

You don’t need an elaborate set-up to do science activities with your child. Try a weather observation. Go outside with your child. Bring a sketchbook (or notepad) and pencils, crayons or markers. Find a place to sit down and observe. Your child can write her observations and/or draw pictures to match. Ask her to note what the weather is like (snowing, raining, sunny, windy), what the temperature feels like and what she sees (clouds, sun or anything else).

Meteorological Mobile

Draw different weather symbols onto card stock paper. Your child can draw clouds, a sun, a snowflake and a raindrop (or anything else weather-related). Cut the drawings out, and use a hole punch to make an opening at the top of each one. Thread a piece of yarn through the hole and tie it together. Tie two sticks together, creating a plus sign shape. Tie the ends of the strings (on the drawings) to each end of the plus sign. Hang the mobile up with another string that you attach to the center of the plus sign.