Children’s Books to Celebrate World Humanitarian Day

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Celebrate World Humanitarian Day on August 19th with a few child-friendly books. Introduce some of history’s most notable humanitarians to your little learner and work on literacy skills with this one book-reading activity. Check out these easy-to-understand books on humanitarians and their amazing efforts.

Josephine Aspinwall Roche: Humanitarian, by Martha Biery: Introduce your young reader to Denver’s first female police officer. Not only did she help to champion the first juvenile court system in the U.S., but she also helped workers in her father’s mining company to unionize and was called a great humanitarian by President Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor. This bio is perfect for kids in the middle to upper elementary grades.

Humanitarian Aid Worker, by Louise Spilsbury: This elementary school-aged read helps children to learn about what humanitarian aid workers do. If your child isn’t sure what “humanitarian” means or is considering a career as an aid worker, this is a bright beginning.

Happy Humanitarian Helpers, by Patricia Zimmerman Johnson: This fictional tale features six students who are all humanitarian helpers. Perfect for older children, this book may just give them some ideas on ways to help.

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady and Humanitarian, by Carole Marsh: Your grade schooler will enjoy learning about this first lady, and humanitarian, through this age-appropriate biography.

Nelson Mandela, by Kadir Nelson: Younger children will get a chance to learn about Nelson Mandela and his fight against apartheid through pictures and prose.