Earth Day Activities for the Whole Family

Plant activity

April 22nd marks Earth Day! How can your kids celebrate our planet? Whether your child is crafty, enjoys science or likes a good book, you’ll find plenty of eco-conscious ways to make an impact on Earth Day.

What can you and your family do on this Earth-friendly day?

Craft a recycled art sculpture from egg cartons and cardboard boxes.

Plant a garden (or a container garden, if you don’t have room).

Pick up trash at the local park.

Measure how much water your family uses in one day.

Try going the whole day without electricity.

Make a reused magazine collage.

Create flower vases from recycled water bottles.

Play outside!

Explore wind power with a homemade windmill.

Sort paper, plastic and metal for recycling.

Go on a nature walk.

Read an Earth Day themed book, such as Gabby and Grandma Go Green by Monica Wellington or What Does It Mean to Be Green by Rana DiOrio and Chris Blair.

Set up a recycling program in your child’s school.

Draw recycle/reuse posters to hang up at school or in the community.

Make your own paper from recycled worksheets.

Feed the birds.

Plant a tree.

Write an Earth Day poem.

Learn how to compost.

Make a family pledge to cut back on energy consumption or stop drinking from plastic water bottles!